TV Guide: TV’s Sexiest Crime Fighters- Women


There has been a trend in Hollywood going back 10-15 years and perhaps because of the success of CSI Las Vegas and Law & Order SVU of not just crime fighting shows or cop shows, but shows like that which are very sexy and where the cast is very sexy. Very attractive with a lot of beautiful sexy women on it playing the roles of lead detectives and doing a lot of the hard dangerous work on the cases.


Source: TV Wise– The cast of True Justice, including Meghan Ory and Sarah Lind 

And when you look at their detective units where these people work at the office, there’s no such thing as Casual Friday, but instead they have Casual Everyday. Where the dressiest outfit for women there would be a pantsuit, but with boots instead of dress or business shoes. You’ll still see male detectives, sergeants, and lieutenants wearing business suits, but not so much with the women on these shows.


Source: XP Autographs– SVU’s Kelli Giddish 

A common outfit for female detectives especially when they’re on the road and either questioning witnesses, suspects, or catching suspects will be a t-shirt sometimes long sleeve, but a lot of times short sleeve, with skin-tight denim jeans, maybe kaki jeans or cargo pants, with boots. Looking beautiful, sexy, and kicking ass as cops. Shows like CSI with Marg Helgenberger, Elisabeth Shue. Law & Order SVU with Mariska Hargitay and Kelli Giddish. True Justice with Meghan Ory and Sarah Lind. Saving Grace with Holly Hunter from ten years ago. The Mentalist with Robin Tunney and Amanda Righetti. Chicago PD with Sophia Bush and many other shows like that from this era.


Source: Chicago PD– Sophia Bush on Chicago PD 

A big part of this obviously has to do with style with boots and jeans being so popular now with women, along with staying in shape with women wanting to show their bodies off in a stylish professional way, but also because this look is so versatile and practical and women can wear boots and jeans to the office without looking too casual now. And because they’re playing not just cops, but detectives who are in a lot of dangerous situations where they have to not only catch suspects, but catch people who don’t want to get caught and have to physically confront suspects.

Beautiful both men and women in America like seeing women kick ass on TV and do it in a sexy way. The common female TV cop now is beautiful, sexy, and fairly young. Who is more than capable of defending herself who wears a lot of tight outfits which is what people want to see from their TV cops now both men and women. Gone are the days where TV cops were almost always guys and generally middle age guys who are always wearing business suits. Now the common TV detective both male and female are younger, very attractive, well-built, and sexy, because that is what the viewers want to see.

Interesting Facts: Hottest Female Fighters That Will Make You Stare

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Ron Paul Liberty Report: Ron Paul- ‘Republicans Responsibility For Socialism’s Comeback’


Source: Ron Paul Liberty Report– U.S. Representative Dr. Ron Paul, Libertarian, Texas

Source:The New Democrat

I think the way I would look at this would be to go back to George W. Bush’s Administration. where Republicans with help from Congressional Democrats expanded the Federal role in public education in 2002. And then instead of reforming Medicare in 2003 a Republican Congress with some help from Senate Democrats and no help from House Democrats, expanded Medicare in 2003 with the prescription drug benefit in Medicare.

I’m not calling President George W. Bush a Socialist, but to argue that he was a Conservative doesn’t sound right either. He expanded the Federal Government almost across the board except when it came to the regulatory state where his administration almost had an hands off approach when it came to government regulations of the economy. And you could argue that Ayn Rand approach to government regulations contributed to the 2008 financial crisis that lead to the Great Recession, with the Bush Administration being asleep at the wheel while American banks and investors were making irresponsible investments on Wall Street that they couldn’t cover the losses for.

I believe the real reasons why socialism is making a comeback in America, has to do with President George W. Bush and his handling of the economy that you could at least argue is at least partially responsible for the Great Recession of 2008-09 and young Americans getting stuck with the bill for that economic collapse and finding themselves either with college diplomas, but are unable to find jobs that makes them financially independent or having to work multiple jobs just to pay their bills. Along with have college loans that they can’t pay back that are eating away at their income.

And then you have people like Senate Bernie Sanders ( the only self-described Socialist member of Congress ) come along and make all sorts of promises of government being able to do this and that for the people and all of these new government services and expansion of current government services are going to be free and young naive people thinking that sounds cool ( or awesome ) to them and they get behind someone like a Senator Sanders and back his message of socialism.

Ron Paul Liberty Report: Ron Paul- ‘Republicans Responsibility For Socialism’s Comeback’

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The Daily Beast: Opinion- Libby Torres: ‘SVU’s Detective Olivia Benson Is The Mother of The Me Too Movement’


Source: Notey– The current cast of Law & Order SVU 

Source: Action

To say that NBC’s Law & Order SVU is ahead of it’s time, would be like saying that it gets hot in Texas especially in the summer or it rains in Seattle, well at any point during the year or it snows in Minnesota in January and hopefully you get the idea by now. ( God help if you don’t ) They were talking about issues back in 1999-2000 ( the first season of SVU ) 17-18 years before the so-called Me Too movement emerged in 2017. They were dealing cases as a detective squad about women being raped and sexually abused in other ways. As well as little girls and boys who are sexually abused by their parents and other adults in their lives.


Source: Daily Mail– Mariska Hargitay and Brooke Shields, being very cute for a little boy 

The original Law & Order which I still get to watch every week ( thanks to Sundance and TNT ) is still favorite now just show from this franchise, but one of my favorite shows ever, especially from the 1990s and 2000s, but SVU is right up there as one of the best cop dramas on TV. Perhaps the best cop drama on TV right now, but I’m guessing fans of CSI Las Vegas would probably dispute that. Maybe they can get together on TV ( fans of both shows ) and debate on live national TV. I’m sure Bravo would be happy to broadcast that and it would be ultimate and perhaps even real reality TV show.

But on a less substantive note but still important the Olivia Benson character ( played by Mariska Hargitay ) is one of the first sexy female police detectives on TV. There’ve been beautiful, sexy, younger female law enforcement officers on TV before. Angie Dickinson was the original with Police Woman from the 1970s, Heather Thomas from The Fall Guy in the 1980s, Kelly Hu from Nash Bridges from the late 1990s and perhaps there are more.

But Mariska is the first from a trend that started in the mid 2000s or so where you would have beautiful, sexy women playing tough cops who kick ass on a regular basis and even kick male ass. They’re no longer playing secretary’s, receptionists or desk sergeants that just take calls and pass on information to the real detectives and their superiors, but working cases and getting into conflict and having to physically take on strong male suspects who could severely hurt them if not kill them if the female officer is not up to the task.

Mariska, is the first female TV law enforcement officer to where tight jeans and boots on the show on a regular basis while she’s working and not at home or having a rare day off, but working her cases in beautiful black leather jacket, black denims, and boots. She was doing that back in 2007-08 if not earlier and now every cop show has at least one if not multiple female lead officers who are beautiful, sexy, physically able to take care of themselves who work their cases in boots and jeans on a regular basis. Just watch CSI Las Vegas with Elisabeth Shue, or watch Criminal Minds with the attractive detectives there, Chicago PD with Sophia Bush, NCIS LA with Daniela Ruah and I could go on.

Mariska Hargiatay ( who plays now Detective Lieutenant Olivia Benson ) is not the first beautiful, sexy, sharp, witty, great cop on TV, she’s just the best cop with those qualities and that includes Angie Dickinson who I love as well and they’re now in their 20th season with apparently no plans to ever wind the show down and plan for a final season and not just because of how popular the show is and that it’s lead to over great cop shows like Chicago PD, but also because of how great the show is. How great the cast, storylines and everything else that makes cop shows great.

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Reason Magazine: Nick Gillespie- Interviewing Ken White: ‘Free Speech Is In Just As Much Danger From Right-Wingers’


Source: Reason Magazine– Attacks on free speech 

Source: The New Democrat

I guess where I would disagree is with the title of the Reason piece where they say, “free speech is in just as much danger from Conservatives.” Implying that free speech is in just as much danger from Conservatives, that it is from Liberals. I argue that free speech is not in danger from either of the center’s of American politics the Center-Right and Center Left, Conservatives and Liberals, but that’s in danger from the fringes of American politics.

Nationalist-Tribalist- Christian-Nationalists on the Far-Right, who are offended by American culture and would like to see big government come in and restrict what we can see on TV and in pop culture generally. And anyone who opposes Donald Trump and his supporters are traitors ( from their perspective ) and therefor not serving of the same free speech rights as people who support Donald Trump and come from the Christian-Right Nationalist wing in and outside of the Republican Party.

And Socialists in some cases democratic but when you look at groups like ANTIFA and other self-described Communists in America, people who believe that right-wingers don’t have free speech rights in America because what they say is offensive and they simply don’t like what the Right ( especially Far-Right ) has to say and therefor should be shut down and silenced whenever they speak. Whenever one of these right-wingers especially Far-Rightist’s like Ann Coulter tries to give a speech, you’ll see Far-Left groups show up and protest her or someone else on the Far-Right and try to shut her down and shut her up. When one of these people writes a book, they’ll protest bookstores and try to boycott them so the author can’t sell their book.

As an actual Liberal, not a Libertarian, or Civil Libertarian or Conservative-Libertarian, but as an actual real-life Liberal who doesn’t want big government trying to manage our personal and economic affairs for us including what we say to each other and doesn’t want a national babysitter or nanny state, but a real Liberal in the real sense as someone who believe in liberal values like liberal democracy and the individual rights that Liberals actually support, I believe in free speech period. Whether it comes to pornography and other forms of adult entertainment that the Christian-Right claims to hate and use to view ( pre-Donald Trump ) as a national threat to our security and morality. Or critical or even offensive speech towards minority groups or anyone else in America that the Far-Right hates.

If you believe in free speech, you believe in free speech. Which is sort of like saying if someone believes in God, they believe in God, but my point is that if you believe in free speech you believe in free speech for everyone and not just people that you tend to agree with. Like that Michael Douglas line from The American President, that America is hard and you have to want it bad because it’s going to come after you. Because it’s a society where you have the right to say and believe whatever you want and those rights will be defended to the hilt. But that people who tend disagree with you have the exact same constitutional First Amendment free speech rights as you do. And free speech is better and America is better when we fight for the free speech rights as others the same way that we fight for our own and the people who we tend to agree with.

Reason Magazine: Nick Gillespie- Interviewing Ken White: ‘Free Speech is in Just As Much Danger From Right-Wingers’

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Richard Binckley: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Burt Reynolds: 8/02/1978


Source: Richard Binckley– Burt Reynolds, on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1978 

Source: The Daily Review

Burt Reynolds, the master of action/comedy who was a basically a comedian himself who didn’t do standup ( except when he was sitting down being interviewed ) being interviewed by the master of the late show the King of Late Night Johnny Carson. What could possibly be funny about two masters of the wisecrack and improv who play off each other perfectly because they have similar sense of humors? And then throw they were both somewhat immature when it came to comedy as far as not afraid of looking silly when they do their comedy.

I didn’t get much out of this interview other than Burt’s wisecracks about Hollywood parties and his trip to Florida for his summer vacation and how commercial the towns that he went through have become. But with Carson and Reynolds you didn’t need a script for these two guys to have a funny interview, because they played so well off each other. Sort of like Whose Line is it Anyway, Saturday Night Live, any Cary Grant movie where the director trusted his cast and let them do their things and be themselves as performers, because they director knew it would work out.

Richard Binckley: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Burt Reynolds: 8/02/1978

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Libertarianism.Org: Free Thoughts- Aaron Ross Powell & Trevor Burrus: Rob Schenck- The Moral Collapse of Evangelical America


Source: Libertarianism.Org– The prefect title for this piece 

Source: The New Democrat

If there is a moral collapse of Evangelical America, it can be summed up in two words, which are Donald Trump. I’m talking about the political wing of the Christian-Right in America who are dominated by Evangelicals who base their political on their interpretations of the Bible, not the U.S. Constitution. And they see Donald Trump who just a few years ago was an Atheist or at best an Agnostic where religion had little if no impact on his life until he became a Presbyterian a few years ago, the Christian-Right sees Donald Trump and his presidency as their ticket to accomplish a lot of things that they couldn’t do with really any other Republican President ever.

The Christian-Right, has made a bargain with devil ( so to speak ) with Donald Trump and have calculated that they’re willing to tolerate anything that Donald Trump does all his bad personal behavior, maturity, temper, hate for any dissent against him, lack of experience and knowledge about the issues that he talks so much about and has to deal with as President, his bigotry towards people who don’t support him and have decided to sum up all of President Trump’s bad behavior into, “he’s not a typical politician and does things differently.”

And the Christian-Right have just swallowed President Trump’s talking points when it comes to negative news about him into saying, “well, we don’t know these things are true.” Or “well, these Republicans even who don’t like Donald Trump are just saying these bad things about him, because they’re part of the establishment and are simply trying to defend that.” Just as long as President Trump delivers on what he promised the Christian-Right. And appoints judges and justices that will one day will rule that abortion, and same-sex marriage are illegal, and there’s no constitutional right to privacy even under the 4th Amendment. Which would be mean big government could then come into Americans personal lives and decide who Americans can sleep with and do with their personal time.

The Christian-Right-Wing of the Republican Party, that back in the 1990s saw pornography, same-sex marriage, and adultery, as threats to national security and morality and therefor must be outlawed in America, are now saying that they don’t care about those things at least when it comes to the people they support politically. Adulterous affairs and pornography that their Republicans might have been involved with are none of the government’s business, because these Republicans are their people and on their side. And because of this have lost all of their credibility when it comes to speaking about the personal lives and personal behavior of Americans including politicians, because they back and defend politicians who’ve lived similar lives and have done similar things. Whether it;’s adultery, pornography, or whatever it may be.

Libertarianism.Org: Free Thoughts- Aaron Ross Powell & Trevor Burrus: Rob Schenck- The Moral Collapse of Evangelical America

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LeAnn Rimes: Life Goes On


Source: LeAnn Rimes Official– LeAnn Rimes’s Life Goes On

Source: The New Democrat

Source LeAnn Rimes

“You sucked me in and played my mind
Just like a toy
You would crank and wind
Baby, I would give you to what you want
You left me lying in a pool of doubt
If you’re still thinking your the daddy mack
Ya shouldn’t known better
But ya didn’t
And I can’t go back
Oh life goes on
And it’s only gonna make me strong
It’s a fact
Once you get on board
Say good-bye
‘Cause you can’t go back
Oh it’s a fight
And I really want to get it right
Where I’m at
It’s my life before me
Got this feeling
That I can’t go back
Wish I knew then what I know now
You held all the cards
And sold me out
Baby, shame on you if you fool me once
Shame on me if you fool me twice
You’ve been a pretty hard case to crack
Should’ve of known better
But I didn’t
And I can’t go back.”


Source: Fun For Funny– LeAnn Rimes’s Life Goes On

I believe this is one my favorite songs now and certainly one of my favorite LeAnn Rimes song. Her music from the Coyote Ugly days and album is really what I love about her music. Can’t Fight The Moonlight, How do I live. Not a country music fan even though I like country girls, which is really a different subject, but I like this song which isn’t a country song. LeAnn, is from the pop country school of country music that came out in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Where country is mixed in with pop. Shania Twain, graduated from that school and in the mid 2000s Gretchen Wilson and Miranda Lambert took that a step further and address classic rock and even blues to their country music. With their music really being about country or rural life, but with a harder rock edge to it. One of the reasons why I like Life Goes On is because it’s not a country song.

About the song itself, what LeAnn is saying here is that what won’t kill her will just make her stronger. Which is sort of cliche now but it’s right on point. This song is about a relationship that went south and she’s saying that it’s time to move on and that life goes on for her without this man in her life that I guess did her wrong. Reminds me a lot of Tina Turner’s I Don’t Wanna Fight from 1993. And the point of the song is so spot on and so honest about what life is really about which is that we all start off life with a steep learning curve and the only way to really live life is buy learning about it. Which includes making mistakes, not intentionally at least for most us but learning by doing learning from experience including making mistakes and even bad mistakes. And using those mistakes to improve ourselves and make us into better people.

And that is what this song is about that she went through a rough relationship with a guy and suffered from it because she trusted someone who hurt her over and over and guess finally woke up and decided it’s time to move on and that life really goes on for her and that has to be without him. The whole line about which sounds corny but is very true that, “shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice” is a perfect example of that and she finally got it that this guy is playing her and can’t be trusted and it’s time for her to dump him. That she should’ve known better but didn’t and she can’t go back because life goes on. Great song with a great message to it.

LeAnn Rimes: Life Goes On- Official Music Video

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