Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge: Richard Epstein on Inequality, Taxes, Politics and Health Care

Richard Epstein
Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge: Richard Epstein on Inequality, Taxes, Politics and Health Care

I actually agree with Richard Epstein on one thing. Which is definitely a rarity, but when Epstein says that it’s not that inequality is a problem. But the lack of mobility and opportunity for people at the bottom, or are struggling in the middle class, to move up. And I only think a Socialist, or a true Collectivist could disagree with that. That if Joe makes a million dollars a year as a lawyer and Tom makes fifty-thousand-dollars a year as a plumber, it’s not a problem that Joe makes twenty times more than Tom. The problem is very few people are doing extremely well in America economically. While so many others aren’t. So what you have to do is close the opportunity gap. Which would benefit everyone.

So instead of having a society where who you are born to and where you’re born and how you grow up, deciding how well you do as an adult, you create a society where everyone has a quality opportunity to do well in life. Regardless of where they grow up and the income level of their parents, or single-parent. That you have a quality education system for everyone. That you give people on Welfare and low-skilled low-income workers the opportunity to finish and further their education and get good jobs and even start their own business’s. You do that by making sure everyone can get a good education in life. And granting job training opportunities to low-skilled workers. Having a modern infrastructure system that stretches to low-income communities. And real economic development in those communities.

Sweden, perhaps the most developed social democracy in the world, at least among countries with small populations, has poverty. And people doing real well and people who live in poverty. You’ll never completely eliminate poverty and any income gap in any country. But what you can do especially in America, is have an economy where everyone can do well. And what they do with those opportunities is up to them. And you do that and you’ll have an economy where you’ll still have a top 1-10%, but that population will be much larger. But you’ll also have a lot more people in the upper middle class and a lot more people in the middle class. And a lot more resources as a result, to help people who are struggling in the middle class and help people in poverty. Which a much smaller percentage of Americans in poverty.

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Liberty Pen: Video: John Stossel: Cool Commies and Other Myths

Che Guevara
Liberty Pen: Video: John Stossel: Cool Commies and Other Myths

I believe this so-called movement towards Communists and communism from Hollywood and their fans, has to do with pop culture and faddism. Che Guevara, is considered cool with this community, especially with the Far-Left in Hollywood and outside of Hollywood. He was a revolutionary and every time you’re a revolutionary from the Left or Far-Left in this community, you’re automatically considered cool, or awesome. And people want to be seen as supporters of people like Che Guevara or Fidel Castro, because they want to be considered cool, or awesome as well.

And as far as Hollywood, if something is considered cool, or awesome and it doesn’t come from Hollywood and especially if it comes from the Far-Left, like lets say Communists, to use as examples, you’ll see actors and other entertainers jump on the bandwagon so fast, that the bandwagon will collapse. And people will have to walk to the latest rally supporting this cause, or that figure, or whatever it might be. The whole so-called political correctness movement, that today’s so-called Progressives support, is a perfect example of that. Where you’ll have a Ben Afflect, or someone else, jump to the defense and try to censor anything that is critical about who this community supports.

The so-called cool commies rave, or whatever, is exactly that. Che, is considered cool, because he was against individualism and private enterprise, was a revolutionary, he wore a thick hipster beard and perhaps went years without shaving, or even trimming his beard. Which is a common theme with Americans under 30 right now, especially on the Left. But there’s no real hard-core political support for communism and a lot of other New-Left movements in America. At least not coming from Hollywood. Which is as about as individualistic and capitalistic a community that we have in America. That is always looking for the next profit and would probably fight to the death to prevent America from becoming a Communist State.

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Libertarianism.Org: Opinion: George H. Smith: The Philosophy of Independence

Our Founding Liberals

Our Founding Liberals

Libertarianism.Org: Opinion: George H. Smith: The Philosophy of Independence

“We hold these truths to self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed but their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Al men are created equal and I know today’s so-called Progressives, who are really Social Democrats, or just pure Socialists, are going to say that our Founding Fathers, our Founding Liberals didn’t mean for that to apply to all Americans and everyone. But all men, they’re not talking about Englishmen, who were probably the dominant population in America back then, at least ethnically. They said all men, which has been interpreted and correctly so to apply to all women as well.

The United States, is the oldest liberal democracy in the world. We have the most liberal and the oldest liberal Constitution in the world. Even if our Founding Liberals, only meant our basic human rights to apply to Englishmen, European men and Caucasian men, the fact that they said all men means it applies to everyone. They wanted to escape from a big centralized dictatorial big government rule, that was coming from Britain and create their own liberal democracy. That was built around individual freedom and equality. A limited responsible government to do for the people what we can’t and the states can’t do for us.

That is why we have the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is why we have Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom of Religion, to practice, or not practice the religion of our choice, the Right to Self Defense, Right to Privacy, our property rights, the Right to Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, Equal Protection Under Law for all Americans. We wouldn’t have gotten these things had we stayed part of the United Kingdom. The fact that we broke away from them and created this Federal Republic called America and this great liberal democracy with all the freedom that we have, is how we have all the individual freedom that we have.

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The Week: Opinion: Peter Weber: How The Democrats Became The New Party of Liberty

President Barack Obama
The Week: Opinion: Peter Weber: How The Democrats Became The New Party of Liberty

To start off with a cliché and hopefully this will be my last one in this piece, (no promises) but how times have changed. Instead of the Republicans and so-called Conservatives talking about the need and the importance of freedom in America, Democrats are not only doing that, but actually pushing policies to accomplish that.

It started in May, when House Republicans thanks to members of their own caucus and the Democratic Caucus, didn’t have the votes to reauthorize the Patriot Act. Because of privacy and personal freedom issues that both caucus’s had with the bill. So, with House Democrats and Republicans actually working together for a change, they pass the USA Freedom Act. Which has stronger privacy protections in it, that eventually passed the Senate. But with mostly Senate Democratic votes, after Senate Republicans let the Patriot Act expire, because they didn’t have the votes for it.

June, has been perhaps the biggest month at least in the Obama Administration, for personal freedom at least and perhaps even economic freedom. Congress, with the House dragging the Senate along, passes the USA Freedom Act, that President Obama was happy to sign. Last week, the Affordable Care Act, gets held up again. Which means Americans won’t lose their health insurance, simply because they get sick and actually need what they paid into. Working class Americans, who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to pay for private health insurance, won’t lose their health insurance subsidy, because they live in the wrong state. Because of the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling, gays can’t be denied marriage, simply because they’re gay and not straight. Or they live in the wrong state.

Americans, are moving against the War on Drugs and are open to marijuana legalization and against over incarceration. Support comprehensive immigration reform and don’t see non-European immigrants as some threat to America and American values. As I blogged last week, prostitution, will become the next Culture War issue. As more Americans become familiar with that and ask why are we locking up people for having consensual sex between adults, even if money is involved. Even if financial transactions are involved. Which again, goes to over incarceration in America. And something that young Democrats, will support legalizing.

By in large, I’m happy as a Liberal Democrat with where my party is on both economic policy and social policy. We’re becoming the party of both personal and economic freedom. We just want that freedom to be available to everyone and not see people denied access, simply because of their complexion, race, ethnicity, gender, or even sexuality. We do have a growing big government wing in the party, that Salon, the new The New Republic and others support everyday. That publishes pieces that question both personal and economic freedom. Which no real Liberal would and they support political correctness, in defense of people who aren’t Caucasian and Christian. And they support the nanny state and higher taxes on the middle class. And more bigger centralized government in America.

But by in large, if you look at especially where young Americans are when it comes to the so-called Culture War and these personal freedom personal choice issues and that they tend not to be fans of big government involved in our personal economic affairs as well, Democrats at least at the leadership level, tend to be with these voters. Which is how someone like Barack Obama wins North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Indiana in 2008 an wins Florida and Virginia again in 2012. Because these voters tend to agree with President Obama on these key social issues and using government to empower people, not take care of them. As Republicans bash big government when it comes to economic policy and promote it when it comes to social policy.

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Hail To The Redskins For Life: Opinion: Phillip Hughes: Lets Get Redskins Legend Joe Jacoby in The Pro Football Hall of Fame

Joe Jacoby
Hail To The Redskins For Life: Opinion: Phillip Hughes: Lets Get Redskins Legend Joe Jacoby in The Pro Football Hall of Fame

If you look at the Redskins of the 1980s and early 1990s, great teams with their share of great players, but not teams that had Hall of Fame players at every position. These were really good, if not great teams, that won three Super Bowls and four Conference Championships and played in five Conference Final’s, from 1982-91. You have to have great players to do that and the Redskins did in their leadership. But similar to the Green Bay Packers of the 1960s, Miami Dolphins of the 1970s, New England Patriots of the 2000s, they had some great players, but with a lot of very good players behind their stars. And great coaches on both sides of the ball.

Offensive tackle Joe Jacoby, was one of the Redskins great players. If you look at how the Redskins dominated the 1982 NFC Playoffs and then won that Super Bowl and manhandled the Dolphins up front on both sides of the ball, especially in the second half, Joe Jacoby, was dominating in that game and leading those charges. But go to the NFC Championship, before the Super Bowl and how the Redskins OL dominated Ed Jones and Randy White and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys defensive line, Big Jac, was consistently clearing his man out-of-the-way. And he and offensive guard Russ Grimm, who is already in the Hall of Fame, were leading those charges in that game. John Riggins and The Hogs, ran the ball down the throat of the Cowboys defense in that game.

Go to Super Bowl 22 against the Denver Broncos, again Timmy Smith, great game running the ball and Doug Williams with a career game throwing the ball. But the Broncos defense in a lot of those plays were barely in the picture, because Big Jac and The Hogs were consistently clearing them out-of-the-way. And opening up huge holes for Tim Smith and giving Doug Williams, five minutes each play to decide who to throw the ball to. And the 1991 Hogs, might be the Redskins best offensive line of all-time. I mean, when you’re towards the top of the league in scoring, passing and running and your quarterback is only sacked eight times all year, its hard to argue with that. Joe Jacoby, now playing guard for the Redskins next to Jim Lachey, was a big part of that as well.

Joe Jacoby, is one of the leaders of a team that wins two Super Bowls and three conference championships in the 1980s and is on the 1980s NFL All Decade team and plays in four Pro Bowls and arguably the anchor of the best offensive line of at least the 1980s. If that is not evidence that this great big offensive tackle, one of the first great big OT in the NFL, should be in the Hall of Fame, then a lot of great o-lineman, who are already in the Hall of Fame, perhaps shouldn’t be there. The Hall of Fame, was late on Art Monk, perhaps one of the top five all around receivers of all-time. They were late on Russ Grimm, perhaps the best guard of his era, who could also play tackle and center. They’re even later on Joe Jacoby, but his time will come, if not next year, certainly soon after that. Too great of a player to leave out.

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Liberty Pen: Video: Charles Murray: Who Killed The Constitution?

Charles Murray
Liberty Pen: Video: Charles Murray: Who Killed The Constitution?

Who Killed The Constitution? Interesting question, if only the Constitution were itself dead. I think Libertarians get themselves in trouble when they talk about social welfare legislation as being unconstitutional, when you have Federal court decisions going back eighty years saying that these programs are constitutional. And for good reasons as well, under the Welfare Clause and the Commerce Clause. Instead Libertarians and Conservative Libertarians, would be better off simply arguing the merits of these programs. “Should they even exist in the first place. If not, how you get rid of them. Since we might be stuck with them, would we be better off if they were run at the state level?” Something Charles Murray, has suggested. Instead of trying to make the case that the New Deal and Great Society are unconstitutional, when 7-8 out 10 Americans disagree with you.

As far as the Constitution, I believe it has been weaken. At least since the so-called War on Terror was launched in 2001. And we’re technically still fighting it today, with the Patriot Act and everything else. But the First Amendment, our Freedom of Speech and Religion, are still very strong. Our Second Amendment, when was the last time a major gun control law was passed and held up the U.S. Supreme Court? Equal Protection Clause, with same-sex marriage becoming the law of the land and other anti-gay laws being struck down. The Fourth Amendment, for anyone Left and Right interested in the Right to Privacy and believes in personal freedom in general, has taken a big hit under the War on Terror. And Congress, not doing their jobs and holding the Executive accountable when it comes to declaring war. But that’s Congress not doing their jobs and their people not holding them accountable.

The Constitution, has certainly been weaken, the last fifteen years, or so. And both the Bush and Obama administration’s have taken advantage of that. But Charles Murray, isn’t able to write his book about the Constitution and I’m not blogging stuff that goes against the Obama Administration, without the First Amendment. As well as others, because we would be thrown in jail, or at the very least held for questioning, for suspicion of being enemies of the state, or something. For printing material that goes against current government policy. The Constitution, is a great and beautiful thing that grants along with the Bill of Rights all of our individual freedom, both personal and economic. And when the government follows the Constitution, we tend to get good government. But even when they don’t, the Constitution is still there protecting our freedom. From intrusions of big government.

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Reason: Hit & Run Shikha Dalmia: “SCOTUS Fuctus on ObamaCare”: Interpreting John Roberts’s King V Burwell Decision

Reason's Sense of Humor

Reason’s Sense of Humor

Reason: Hit & Run Shikha Dalmia: “SCOTUS Fuctus on ObamaCare”: Interpreting John Roberts’s King V Burwell Decision

Anyone interested, or concern about the title of this piece, especially the first part. Apparently Shikha Dalmia, had a bad day over at Reason today and perhaps doesn’t control, or express her anger very well. For the life of me, I can’t understand what she has to be upset about. Ha, ha. Maybe she’ll smoke a joint, or something and calm her nerves.

I was just reading Chief Justice John Roberts decision. And he says the ACA has a provision where if states don’t set up their own health care exchanges for health insurance subsidies, the Federal Government will step in and provide people with those tax credits. That is the ballgame in this case. King, in King V Burwell, argued and perhaps not very well, considering they lost 6-3 and lost two Republican votes, that if a state, does not decide to set up a health care exchange, than the people in those states aren’t eligible for the tax credits.

So that’s King V Burwell. King, arguing that the states have to set up their own exchanges for the people in those states to be eligible for the tax credit. Burwell, arguing that the Federal Government can step in and makeup for a state not doing their own exchange. With the Chief Justice, a Republican and Republican appointee, who’ve I disagree with on many occasions, saying the ACA, already has a provision giving the Feds the ability to provide tax credits for health insurance. Even for people who live in states without health insurance exchanges.

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