The Least Dangerous Criminals in America – The Atlantic

The Least Dangerous Criminals in America – The Atlantic.

I saw a video from Libertarian Commentator John Stossel Wednesday Night. Who I don’t always agree with but on these what I would describe as Freedom of Choice issues. We tend to completely agree. He was moderating a Town Hall discussion about what he described as essentially government trying to control how people live their own lives. Government trying to protect people from themselves. And I believe he’s dead right, government should not be trying to regulate how people live their own lives. Thats the job of the people to do that. Government should instead regulate how people interact with each other. Trying to prevent people from hurting other people and punishing people who hurt others. But when it comes to adults, let people be free and deal with the consequences of their own actions, good and bad.

Online Poker and poker in general is a perfect example of this. Government has no business telling people what they can do with their own money. As long as they aren’t spending their money to hurt other people. Like hiring a hitman for example. Or hiring someone to assault someone else for example. Then you clearly make a case that government has a say in trying to prevent this. Or punish people who do this. Punishing people for playing Online Poker to me is an example. Of Prohibition Gone Wild, when Legalization with Regulation would serve as a better tool prevent abuses in the system. From keeping people from hurting each other in this industry. And then punish others who do so. And it would also be a hell of a lot more Cost Effective. Especially when we are now talking about the deficit and debt.

We don’t have 2M people in prison by accident. A lot of these offenders are Non Violent and don’t really represent a threat to anyone. Because we give long sentences to Drug Addicts and gamblers. Lets stop locking people up for these things and save our prisons for what they are intended for. Locking criminals who are a threat to society.


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