The Atlantic: Erik Hayden- Ron Paul Signals He’s Running for President

The Atlantic: Erik Hayden- Ron Paul Signals He’s Running For President.

I agree that Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura should all run for President. But not as republicans and go through the Republican Primary’s that are dominated by the Christian Right and Neo Right. Because at best for the GOP, all these candidates are Conservative Libertarians in the Barry Goldwater sense. Meaning they are serious when they say they believe in Limited Government and are anti Big Government. Meaning they don’t believe in the socialist from of Big Government. Or an authoritarian form of Big Government, that authoritarians in American are pushing for. Coming from the Christian Right and Neo Right. These aren’t Big Government conservatives, these candidates are libertarians. The don’t think America should be involved in other countries Cvil Wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc. They don’t think homosexuals, muslims, latinos, arabs,  should be discriminated against. Just because of who they are. The don’t believe religion should be closer to government. They don’t believe in censorship, they don’t believe in Marijuana Prohibition. They don’t believe in the Welfare State and Corporate Welfare. They don’t fit in with today’s Republican Party.

I believe all these politicians should run for President, just for a different party. I believe they should run for President for the Libertarian Party. Especially Ron Paul, with his ability to raise money, connect with young libertarians and command national Media Attention. Any of these candidates could put the Libertarian Party on the map in American Politics. With their ability to do these things and potentially get into the Presidential Debates as the Third Party candidate. Because either Paul or Johnson could get into Double Figures in the National Polls. I’m not saying any of these candidates will win the Presidency in 2012. That probably won’t happen for a long time. But it could get the groundwork running for the Libertarian Party. As far as building the LP Party infrastructure. So they could be a major party in the future. And be able to recruit credible Libertarian Candidates in the future. That would be taken seriously, Local, State, House, Senate and yes Presidential Elections. Because of the Media Attention they would command and money they would be able to raise.

Todays GOP is not the same party but a different party then it was 40-45 years ago. They’ve replaced their Limited Government message. Except when it comes Social Insurance. With a message thats about Traditional Values and spreading democracy around the World. Its not a party that Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura and Gary Johnson now fit into. But in the Libertarian Party, they would be right at home.


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