On the Birth Certificate Idiocracy – The Atlantic

On the Birth Certificate Idiocracy – The Atlantic.

What I can say when it comes to Donald Trump, well I guess the simplest way to put it is he’s a mix bag. Of very good and very bad, sorta like Richard Nixon. There’s not a lot of in between with “the Donald. What’s good about him is very good, in a lot of way he’s the ultimate success story. A man who built his own empire through real estate mostly and became a billionaire at 40. To bankruptcy and who was able to rebound from that to once again becoming a billionaire. “The Donald” is a man who’s lived the American Dream, or the ultimate Soap Opera, depending on your perspective. Who’s made so much money that he will never have to work again. And could’ve retired in his early 50s if not younger and financed his own retirement on his own. He has been very successful even to the point where he now has one of the most successful TV Shows in America if not the World. He’s a very charming and a likable man, who’s very witty. These are the good aspects of Donald Trump.

But again Donald Trump is like a coin which has two sides. And there’s also the negative side of “the Donald”. He’s a man with the size of an ego, that could fit the City of New York and all of its 8M residents or so. Or perhaps even the State of California with its 35M residents or so in it. Donald Trump has never missed an opportunity to slap himself on his ass and tell himself good job. With all the love he gives himself, I wonder if there’s any room left for anyone else to give him. How do you love someone who’s in love with them self. Maybe its pointless to even try or what’s even the point. You don’t need me or anyone else, you got yourself and are stuck with him the rest of your life. I’m sure you’ll be happy with yourself. I’m not a fan of his show or watch it, because the show is mostly about him. Its like watching a one man Soap Opera, where the other contestants are there to fill the in pieces. But without “the Donald”, there is no show.

As far as “the Donald’s” “Presidential Ambition”, his campaign if you want to call it that. I would call it a Lying Tour, its all about “the Donald’s” World Heavyweight Championship and undefeated ego. He’s got this idea that he wants to be President, because he thinks its that its the only thing he hasn’t accomplished yet. And he’s thinking if Mitt Romney who has a similar professional background as him. Can run for President, be taken seriously and even be considered the Front Runner. Why not him, thats why he’s running for President, not because he brings anything special to the table. That would make him a successful President.

As far as the Birtther Issue, “the Donald” should be running to be Narcissist in Chief, not Commander in Chief. Wait he already has that title. The man doesn’t believe a word that he’s saying and this whole campaign is about his ego and bringing more attention to himself. Donald Trump is one of the last things that America needs in a politician.


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