Rethinking Guantanamo After Detainee Info Led to Bin Laden – Global – The Atlantic Wire

Rethinking Guantanamo After Detainee Info Led to Bin Laden – Global – The Atlantic Wire.

When then Sen. Obama ran for President back in 2007-08, one of the things he ran on was closing Guantanamo Bay. Which sounded great, played to his audience and the World very well. The problem with that, was as well as not being thought through very well. I believe he sorta used Guantanamo as something that he could use to score Political Points and win support. Not knowing exactly what it would take to get that done. As a Senator and Member of Congress. Who yes got Intelligence Briefings being on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. And even more briefings being the Democratic Nominee for President. But still not the inside info that the President, Vice President or a Member of the National Security Council gets. He did not have enough info to make a promise like that. Closing Guantanamo Bay, this was a case of why Campaigning for President and actually being President are two different things. Its the difference of doing what you want to do and what you can actually get done. Once you have all the facts in front of you.

Guantanamo Bay Prison is an awful symbol of American Torture against Foreign Terrorists. And torture has been conducted there, like water boarding to use as an example. But the President signed an Executive Order barring the use of torture when he became President two years ago. So we are no longer doing this. A symbol is not reason enough to close a prison. Guantanamo Bay by most accounts has been a very effective institution in housing those prisoners. No one has escaped and its very isolated there. What then Sen. Obama should’ve done was to say. I’m go to look into closing down Guantanamo Bay and make a decision on that prison’s status once as President I have all the facts in front of me. Which would’ve cost him support especially on the Far Left. But it wouldn’t of cost him the election and he would’ve been leading there on a controversial issue. Instead of just to follow what a lot of other people are already in favor of.

The other problem with Barack Obama’s position on closing down Guantanamo Bay. Was the he didn’t already have an alternative in mind. As far as what to do with the prisoners once that prison closed. Like sending them to the Federal Prison in North Carolina or Colorado. Which is just more evidence that Mr. Obama didn’t fully think this policy through. Campaigning and governing are two different things. So a good practice would be to campaign on what you know is already possible. What you know you can get done once you become President. Because you already have the best info possible. And to limit your promises and stick to what you want to accomplish instead.


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