Unemployment Rose to 9.0% in April Despite 244,000 New Jobs – Business – The Atlantic Wire

Unemployment Rose to 9.0% in April Despite 244,000 New Jobs – Business – The Atlantic Wire.

The April Job Numbers like a lot of Job Numbers the last two year are a mix bag. Good news, 244K jobs created net in the Private Sector in April. Bad news, the Unemployment Rate up for the first time in months and a nine month high of 9$, still way too high. More bad news is that economy only grew at 1.8% in the First Quarter of 2011. And I believe these are linked, to have solid Job Growth and a falling Unemployment Rate. Were going to have to have solid Economic Growth. Were going to have to do things to grow the economy, to encourage Consumer Spending which creates jobs for example. To have a Tax Policy that encourages jobs to be created in America and not send them oversees from America. To encourage manufacturing in America and not send those jobs oversees as well. To continue with Deficit Reduction but do it in way where were either no longer spending money on things that we don’t need. Or we are spending a lot less money on things we don’t need. Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction go together. We can’t get our deficit and debt under control, without solid Economic Growth.

We should eliminate the Tax Credit for business’s to send American Jobs oversees and keep those jobs oversees. Where those things can be built here. We should have a more competitive Tax Policy. To make our business’s more competitive here, so they don’t send those jobs oversees. Where the Corporate Tax is lower. We should fix our crumbling infrastructure or at least start to fix it. According to the Core of Engineers, we need in the 100s of billions of dollars worth in repairs to our infrastructure. We should do this but pay for it and we could do that with an Infrastructure Bank. That would be independent of the Federal Government and we wouldn’t have to create another agency to pay for. And to continue with Deficit Reduction, especially since our Debt Ceiling is going to have to be raised very soon. And we can do this by eliminating Corporate Welfare, Agriculture Welfare, Entitlement Reform and reforming our other Social Insurance programs. As well as Tax Reform, cuts in defense, like defending Developed Nations that can afford to defend themselves. And bringing those troops home.

So again another mixed bag with todays Economic Report. Not great, not a disaster but something we can improve on. With the right policy’s in place.

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