Why Fire Teachers? – The Atlantic

Why Fire Teachers? – The Atlantic.

When it comes to Education Reform which is something America has to do. Considering where we now rank in the World when it comes to our Public Education. And the State of our Economy. I believe the solutions are fairly simple and practical, which is why it will be so hard to accomplish it in Congress. Because in order to accomplish it, they are going to have to offend some very powerful Special Interest Groups. That fund a lot of their campaigns. Like Teacher Unions for example and I don’t say this in a partisan way. I’m a Liberal Democrat, I’m pro Union and Pro Right to Organize and to Assemble. I don’t want to put them out of business, but just like corporations shouldn’t be running our Economic and Fiscal Policy’s. Teacher Unions shouldn’t be running our Education Policy either, which is part of our Economic Policy. Because without the Skilled Workers, we won’t have the good jobs that we need to continue to be an Economic Power. And were even going to have to continue to import Foreign Workers or continue to send good jobs oversees. Another words I’m more pro Public Education then pro Union. And sometimes you have to lessen the influence of Unions to improve Public Education.

The solutions as I see them are simple, pay educators for the jobs that they do. Not the time that they serve, pay good educators more then Low Performing educators. Retrain Low Performing educators or fire them. Bring in competition to Public Education. What’s known as Public School Choice, where parents would be able to send their kids to the school that they feel is best for them. Instead of where they live. Which would force Public Schools to compete with each other. To get students, instead of being guaranteed students. Just because they are Public Schools. As well as Charter Schools that are independent but still owned by the Public Education system. But without the Red Tape that comes with Public Schools. That parents would have the option to send their kids here or not. Eliminate Teacher Tenure, force educators to keep their jobs by the quality of their work, not time of service.  Equalize funding for Public Schools, so its no longer based on Property Taxes. With wealthy School Districts being well funded. And poor School Districts being left with peanuts. The Federal Government would have to help here but it can be done without borrowing money.

Education Reform is fairly simple as far as what needs to be done in my opinion. The question is how to pass it in Congress. The Federal Government can be very helpful in Education Reform. As long as their reforms are optional and they don’t try to nationalize the Public Education System. Hopefully Congress will do this in 2011 when the Elementary and Secondary School Act or ESSA. Comes up reauthorization.


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