GOP finding it hard to make progress

GOP finding it hard to make progress.

Even though I’m a Liberal Democrat and Tea Party republicans cost my part a lot of seats in Congress in 2010. Especially in the House, 62 to be exact, which isn’t a nightmare you forget soon. I actually have a shrink that I could suggest for other democrats still having nightmares from the 2010 Mid Terms. Especially for those who lost their seats in Congress. Actually I can’t, ha fooled you! But I’m looking for one, sorta not really, if I here anything I’ll let you know, don’t count on it. But to make and endless story, that you would have to be an insomniac, with a keg of Jolt Cola to follow over. A couple of things that I respected about the Tea Party last year. Was their political discipline, especially in the House, Senate not so much and I’m thinking of Sharron Angle in Nevada. And she’s still seeking membership in Congress, apparently she got her shrink’s permission to leave the Mental Hospital, which will provide plenty of Original Material for comics and bloggers, as well as Comedic Bloggers, hint hint. But the Tea Party candidates discipline, which without it they wouldn’t of been nearly as successful. Was they ran because they were worried about Fiscal Policy, pure and simple. Bad economy and Federal Deficit and Debt, were the key issues of 2010. And thats what they hammered democrats as well as republicans on. They didn’t run as Cultural Warriors which is what Christian Right candidates run as. But they ran on fixing our deficit and debt. When I was blogging about the Tea Party last year. I said they were part of the Christian Right but with a fiscal message. Now I’m not sure and I hope I was wrong. With the elections of Rand Paul and Ron Johnson to the Senate. Both who have strong libertarian leanings.

The problem that the House GOP Leadership has, especially Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor have. Is that even though voters consider the deficit and debt a big issue. They don’t like the Tea Party solutions. Like turning Medicare into a Voucher System for example. Also even as influential as the Tea Party is in the GOP. They are only a faction of that party. The Christian Right and Neo Conservatives still run that party. But the Tea Party runs Fiscal Policy for that party. So what Speaker Boehner has to do, is balance a couple of things. How do I please the Tea Party and still reach a deal with Democratic Senate and White House. And how do I appease the Christian Right, knowing that what they want to become law. Will never pass at least in this Congress. And when I deal with their issues, I’m not dealing with Tea Party issues. Who tend to be either neutral, moderate or even libertarian on Social Issues. Even though I’m a democrat, to quote Wild Bill Clinton, a political hero of mine. I feel John Boehner’s pain.

So what the GOP now has to do, is figure out how to make the Tea Party happy. By addressing their concerns and incorporating their solutions. But how to expand the base of the party, to get more power in Washington. Like the Senate and White House, while retaining the House. Its a tough Balancing Act.


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