Indecision for the GOP’s Deep-Pocketed Donors – Politics – The Atlantic Wire

Indecision for the GOP’s Deep-Pocketed Donors – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.

The reason why some GOP Donors over even a lot of them are holding back on their Financial Contributions. Are several reasons, one they’ll be facing an Incumbent President who’ll raise around 1B$ for his 2012 Reelection Campaign. Also they don’t like the current field. At this point every single GOP Candidate thats either already announced or is considering running. At this point would lose overwhelmingly to President Obama. Mitt Romney is the only GOP Candidate that gets in the 40s against the President and thats in the low 40s. They also have a scary field according to Independent Voters, like Michele Bachman, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum quite frankly. Look scary because they are all “Culture Warriors” and Independent Voters tend to be liberal on Social Issues. And don’t base their vote on Gay Marriage or abortion or immigration or Islam or Hollywood, you can go down the line. These things play very well with the Christian Right and thats where it stops.

The GOP actually has some credible Presidential Candidates that as a democrat, I even respect. Like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, John Huntsman. Oh right they are libertarians, that doesn’t play well in the GOP. To “Moral Majority” republicans. Then there’s GOV Mitch Daniels, who in a General Election would make a strong candidate. Especially with Independent Voters. But he’s not going to fight the Culture War in 2012. Which will hurt him in the GOP Primary’s. In most cases Newt Gingrich would be a prefect GOP Candidate for President, but he’s buried in the Single Digits, if that perhaps without a rope to get out of the hole. Sorry couldn’t resist. These donors I believe also have bigger battles to fight. Like the outcome in the Congressional Races. Where the GOP will have big fight on their hand to retain the House. And where they have a good shot at taking back the Senate. As well as Governor Races.

I’m not saying its early enough to call the 2012 Presidential Election for the President. I mean where 18 months away, I would have to drunk and high to make that prediction and believe what I’m saying. I don’t drink or smoke but what I am saying is that the GOP is off to a very slow start. And the 2012 Presidential Election right now looks to me potentially like 1984. Where Ronald Reagan got reelected with 59% and won 49 States. I don’t see President Obama winning 59% of the vote or 49 States. But 55% and 35-40 States are in his grasp right now. Perhaps even a competitive shot at Texas, where democrats almost never win.

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