California’s limits on welfare debit cards inspire U.S. response

California’s limits on welfare debit cards inspire U.S. response.

I’m all for helping people in poverty, especially if we are empowering them to get themselves on their feet. Whether its through the Private or Public Sector. Instead of just subsidizing them indefinitely and not expecting anything out of them. But as long as that money is given to them for that sole purpose. To support them in the short term, while they get themselves the tools that they need to become Self Sufficient. Public Assistance which of course is funded by Tax Payers. If there to help people in their time of need and to help them become Self Sufficient. Thats what Welfare to Work of 1996 was all about. Its not there to subsidize Low Income peoples recreational habits. Whether its casinos, Strip Clubs etc. If they want to do these things, they are welcome to finance them on their own. Once they start making their own money and are no longer on Public Assistance.

So even though I only agree with Sen. Orrin Hatch the Ranking Member on the Fiance Committee. His committee as Jurisdiction over Public Assistance. As often as it snows in South Florida. I support what he’s trying to do here.


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