Massachusetts health reform a double-edged sword for Romney

Massachusetts health reform a double-edged sword for Romney.

When I look at Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign just from the perspective of a Political Junky. And not as a partisan which is very hard for me as a democrat. I see a candidate that has as many flaws as pluses. I see him as an very intelligent business oriented Northeastern Republican. Who tend to be Free Market oriented on Economic Policy and moderate to liberal on Social Issues. A candidate who Independent Voters tend to like. Someone as GOV Romney has been very successful at running things and making money. Which is what Chief Executives do, someone who was a successful GOV of Massachusetts, in an overwhelmingly Democratic State. Something like 7-8 -10 democrat in Massachusetts. A State where Christian Conservatives don’t have a prayer at a Atheist Convention chance of winning there. Mitt Romney would be a very good General Election Candidate for President. The problem is unless your an Independent Candidate for President, you have to win your parties Nomination for President to be a serious candidate. And that leads into the flaws for Mitt Romney.

The flaws for Mitt Romney as a Candidate for President are several and are all enough by themselves. To keep GOV Romney from winning the GOP Nomination for President. And if this was still the Eisenhower, Goldwater, Ford, Reagan even GOP. A Free Market party that was strong on defense and moderate to tolerant on Social Issues. When it was really the Grand Ole Party. Then except for maybe Health Care, these wouldn’t be issues I believe. But its not, its the Moral Majority Neo Conservative Party, that tends to be authoritarian and even Big Government on Social Issues. A party thats looking for their Leader to be a Culture Warrior, not someone who’s tolerant except for how they deal with them. Forget about the fact that Mitt Romney is a mormon, which makes no difference to me. But again I’m a Liberal Democrat. And the Christian Right sees Mormonism as a cult instead of a religion. If past history and Track Records mean everything to determine where politicians are on the issues. Then as much as Mitt Romeny try to play to the Social Conservative base, he’s simply not one of them. GOV Romney was Pro Choice on both Abortion and Homosexuality as Governor as Massachusetts. He supported Civil Unions for gay people, as well as Gay Adoption. Which would be great for him if he was a democrat. But he’s not at least not technically.

And thats before you get to “Romney Care”, that at least 90% of the GOP hates. Why do they hate it, because telling the difference between “Romney Care” and “Obama Care”. Is like telling the difference between Identical Twins your meeting for the first time, who are dressed the same. Its very difficult, they are basically the same legislation. With Patient Protections, a Insurance Mandate and assistance for people who can’t afford Health Insurance on their own. So with all of that baggage around Mr Romney’s neck in the GOP. Its borderline impossible for me to see how he wins their nomination. Because he’s essentially a republican from the Old School. Like his father, in a Neo Conservative Party.


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