Can Ron Paul translate grassroots passion into widespread popularity?

Can Ron Paul translate grassroots passion into widespread popularity?.

I have a lot of respect for Rep. Ron Paul because when he says he’s a believer in Individual Liberty, Maximize Freedom and Freedom of Choice. And is against Big Government, he’s sincere and means it. Unlike some Far Right conservatives who say they are against Big Government. But in actuality are only against one form of Big Government. The socialist form but who tend to be authoritarian on Social Issues and sometimes theocratic as well. And are in favor of an authoritarian form of Big Government with limited Social Freedom. Like Christian Conservatives and Neo Conservatives. But just because Ron Paul is a libertarian and I’m a liberal, doesn’t mean we share the same politics exactly. I’m not in favor of any form of Big Government but I do believe in Limited Government. Including a limited Safety Net or Welfare State, depending on your perspective. That helps people who are down get themselves up. With limited Financial Assistance, education and Job Placement. Especially when these people have nowhere else to turn to. And thats where Rep. Paul and I differ, as well as he’s an isolationist on Foreign Policy. And I’m a Liberal Internationalist on Foreign Policy.

I’m not supporting the idea of Ron Paul running for President because I would ever vote for him for anything. Far from it actually or I believe he has no snowballs chance in South Florida of ever being President of the United States. Or even winning the GOP Nomination for President. Actually even though Rep. Paul is a very honest man especially when it comes to politicians. I think he’s being dishonest in a sense of running for President in the GOP. When politically he doesn’t fit in with the Republican Party ideologically, at least not anymore. The man should be running for President for the Libertarian Party. And I believe he’s running for President for political not ideological reasons. He believes he has a bigger voice in the GOP, fine he’s making a political calculation. But if he was being completely honest he would run for President for the LP where he’s a natural fit. And could put that party on the map, with his ability to raise money and reach out to people. Something the LP desperately needs.

I support the idea of Ron Paul for President, because he’s a fresh voice and is different. And when he says he’s anti Big Government, unlike a lot of conservatives today. He actually believes it.


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