GOP still lacks a Frontrunner:Jonah Goldberg

GOP still lacks a Frontrunner: Jonah Goldberg

When you look at the current GOP Field for President, there still isn’t a frontrunner. That one candidate that can win the Presidential Nomination overwhelmingly. And then win the Presidency, they don’t have a Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan or even a George W Bush type of candidate. Someone who can sweep through and win both elections. Because they still don’t have a Presidential Candidate that appeals to all factions of the GOP Base. The Christian Right, Tea Party and the Neo Conservatives but then who’s mainstream enough to win the General Election. Because when your trying to win either the republican or democratic Nomination for President. Your appealing to different voters then you would be in the General Election. In the primary’s your appealing to Partisan Faction of the American Electorate. People who want you to be in favor of a specific set of policy’s. And in the General Election your appealing to everyone, everyone who votes has a say in whether your going to be elected President or not. Not just your party, especially Independent Voters who tend to decide these elections.

The closest the GOP has right now I believe and I’m a democrat. So take it for what you believe its worth. But the closest the GOP has right now to a frontrunner I believe. Is Newt Gingrich who appeals well at least in the past to all factions of the GOP. But I don’t see how he would be elected in the General Election. He has a tendency to be very honest. Mitt Romney is the best candidate I believe they would have in the Presidential Election. But Social Conservatives don’t like him because of his past stances abortion and Gay Rights. And the Tea Party doesn’t like him because of his Health Care plan. Until the GOP establishes a true frontrunner, the best thing that President Obama has going for him in Reelection Campaign. Is his competition or as I would put it lack of competition.


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