Don’t Count Out Palin for 2012: My dream GOP Candidate to lose in a landslide my still be alive

The Atlantic Wire.

This goes for a cause for celebration for myself and other democrats and perhaps all sane and intelligent people in general. Our dream opponent against President Obama, even though may still be a dream but perhaps no longer a fantasy. I can’t think of a more qualified GOP Candidate to lose in a landslide to President Obama in 2012 then Sarah Palin. I mean Michele Bachman is close but at least she has something resembling a resume. And I can’t think of a more unqualified Presidential Candidate to be President of the United States then Sarah Palin either. But again Michele Bachman once again is close, hot on her tail, figuratively. Its real close it could go down to the wire. Which represents an interesting question for me. As a democrat, of course I want Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012. That pretty much would lock in the President being reelected. Unless of course the economy tanked or we invaded Iran based on false evidence or something. But as an american she’s one of the last people I want to see running for President. Because of her lack of qualifications and her whole presence is about style and entertainment rather then substance. The amount that she doesn’t know about what it takes to be President not just getting elected but actually doing the job. Is enough to fill up the entire Pacific Ocean. She makes George W Bush look as qualified as Franklin Roosevelt to be President of the United States.

So whether Sarah Palin runs for President or not in 2012 and I think its about 90-10 she won’t. Because even she understands I believe, of her chances of getting elected in 2012 and I think the GOP Leadership has made that clear to her. She’ll always make for great humor and other material and even a source of inspiration for writers.


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