Rand Paul a real Classical Libertarian?

Video: Rand Paul Floor Speech on PATRIOT Act 5/23/11.

Before Rand Paul was elected to the US Senate, I was under the impression that he was definitely a Economic Libertarian. But that he had Social Conservative leanings, making him a phony when he speaks against Big Government. Because Social Conservatives believe in a authoritarian form of Big Government with limited Social Freedom. Unlike Sen. Paul’s father Rep. Ron Paul who’s clearly a Classical Libertarian and anti all forms of Big Government. Whether Sen. Paul is a Classical Libertarian or a Conservative Libertarian. Who’s clearly not a Neo Conservative on Foreign Policy and Law Enforcement. And someone who’s not looking to end the Welfare State but reform it by bringing in more Freedom of Choice to it. And would like to reform the War on Drugs and stop fighting it purely with Law Enforcement. And doesn’t care about things like homosexuality and isn’t anti Gay Rights, or immigration or Islam. And would like to see America get back to a Foreign Policy thats based on our National Security and not Nation Building. Then thats good news for the GOP who needs more Conservative Libertarians in a party thats dominated by the Christian Right and Neo Conservatives.

I heard Dr. Rand Paul in a Senate Debate with Jack Conway back in October of 2010. Say that he was a Social Conservative, when all the talk was about him as a libertarian. Well since you can’t be both a libertarian and a Social Conservative, which would be like being a democrat and a communist. They are two completely different Political Ideology’s. That gave me the impression that he was a phony and actually supported a form of Big Government. But when I’ve heard talk about the No Fly Zone in Libya, Drug Policy and now the Patriot Act. I now think that he’s probably at least a Conservative Libertarian if not a Classical Libertarian like his father. Which as a liberal myself, sounds like Sweet Music to me. Because I’m against all forms of Big Government. The Patriot Act is another form of Big Government, with the Federal Government having the authority to read innocent peoples emails and look at our Reading Habits. Sen. Paul and myself are in complete agreement on the Patriot Act.

As I’ve said before the Republican Party which back in the day was the “Grand Ole Party”. With the likes of Dwight Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Gerry Ford, Ron Reagan, Bob Dole, Bob Michael and others. When it was truly a Conservative Libertarian Party. But now that its dominated by the Christian Right and Neo Right. Movements that belong in a Far Right Third Party, thats about authoritarianism and limiting Constitutional Rights. The GOP needs to get back to its roots as a Conservative Libertarian Party. Before its no longer a major Political Party and becomes a Far Right Third Party.


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