Los Angeles Times: Jack Dolan & Carol J. Williams- No Easy Fix For California’s Prison Crisis

Source: Los Angeles Times: Jack Dolan & Carol J. Williams- No Easy Fix For California’s Prison Crisis.

There are probably no easy solutions to fix the California Corrections System. California has spent at least twenty years screwing it up, so there’s probably no quick fix. But hopefully it won’t take twenty years to fix it. Because I don’t think California has that long. Besides the US Supreme Court ruled Monday in a decision that I agree with, the Roberts Court. That has a 5-4 Conservative Majority, that California must reduce the size of its Prison Population. So they’ll be forced to move quickly but hopefully also effectively and not let out rapists, murders, Drug Dealers etc. But they could make some reforms right away, that would reduce its current Prison Population, the largest in the country. In the short and long term and with their State Deficit and Debt. Reform their Corrections System that take a lot of pressure off of their State Budget. That they could use to pay down their deficit and debt. As well as invest in other priorities.

In the short term what California could do right now. Is to transfer their Non Violent Offenders. People who are in prison for committing Non Violent Crimes. Using or possessing drugs, prostitution, Small Time Thieves. Inmates like this that have solid records in prison and haven’t become violent. And transfer them to Halfway Houses, where they would live and work and pay their Room and Board. This alone would free up a lot of prison space. Then in the future instead of sending these offenders to prison, send then to Halfway Houses, Home Detention or even County Jail. Send their Drug Addicts who are prison for Drug Abuse to Drug Rehab instead of prison. To private Drug Rehabs that have proper security. Where they would pay for their rehab. This would save more money for on their prisons and prison space. Then rehabilitate their inmates that need to be in prison. Put them to school and then to work in Prison Industry’s. Where they would also pay for their Room and Board. But would also be prepared for life on the outside.

No easy solutions to fixing the Californian Corrections System, but as the old saying goes. Nothing worth doing is ever easy and the reason why its an old saying. Because its been said for such a long time. But their are practical solutions out there for California that would fix its Corrections System but at the same time not cost the State any security.


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