Ron Paul Presidential Candidate or Conspiracy Theorist

The Real Reason the U.S. Invaded Libya.

Ron Paul has a tendency to make sense especially for a politician. Like when he’s talking about the deficit and debt, freedom, Freedom of Choice, the War on Drugs etc. The fact that he’s a Classical Libertarian, so when he speaks out against Big Government. You actually believe him, unlike some conservatives who speak out against Big Government. But are Social Conservatives. So when Rep. Paul speaks on the issues that he’s knowledgeable about, he’s interesting to listen to. And you get the sense that he actually believes what he’s saying. Which is why he should speak to what he knows and he should also run for President for a different party, hint hint. But perhaps thats a different subject. Instead of just throwing out theory’s that can’t be proven and don’t have a basis of fact behind them.

The idea that Rep. Paul has thrown out, that the No Fly Zone in Libya. Is about capturing Libyan Oil is nonsense, if it was about that America wouldn’t be involved with a coalition to conduct a No Fly Zone. If it was about the oil, we would’ve just invaded Libya, knocked out the government. And occupied its Oil Industry. The No Fly Zone is about protecting Innocent Libyans and the Libyan Rebels. From being slaughtered by their President. When Rep. Paul speaks to what he knows, he sounds like a Presidential Candidate. When he goes off the cliff, he sounds like a Conspiracy Theorist.


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4 Responses to Ron Paul Presidential Candidate or Conspiracy Theorist

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  2. Hi Frsfreestatenow,
    Interesting Thoughts, When I say “it”, I mean “everything.”

    At one of the debates, Paul was trying the explain the idiocy behind the “They hate us for our freedom” argument. Anyone who actually believes that is a moron.

    Paul was NOT defending the terrorists. He was explaining their motives. They hate the US because of our crappy foreign policies in the Middle East, and the US’s meddling in their countries.

    Ron Paul, unlike the other Republican candidates, understands that you can only push people so far before they start pushing back.
    Great Job!


  3. I’m a democrat but I’ve been reading a lot about Ron Paul and that man is brilliant, he’s got some great ideas. If he were to run, I’d probably cross party lines and vote for him.

    What are the chances that he’ll be the 2012 gop candidate?


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