Another good way to Correct our Corrections System

California authorities deny state’s first medical parole case.

I’ve blogged a lot lately about Prison Reform and how we could correct our Corrections System as I would put it. The reason is as a liberal I really care about this subject. And watching hundreds of thousands if not more Non Violent Offenders who don’t represent a threat to society, being locked up concerns me as a liberal but also as an american. Probably the main reason why we have 2M people in prison in America, the largest Prison Population in the World. At least on a Per Capita basis, is reason enough to correct our Corrections System.

As a liberal I believe our liberty has to be defended, otherwise liberty doesn’t mean anything.Which is why I tend to be Strong on Crime but Strong on Crime as I would put it. Doesn’t mean being tough on anyone who breaks the law and sending all offenders to jail or prison. It means showing strength towards Violent Offenders and other offenders who represent a clear threat to society. But also being practical and sentencing offenders based on their crimes and the threat they represent. For example a murderer would either get the Death Penalty or Life without Parole in a Maximum Security Prison. But a Drug Addict would be sentenced to Drug Rehab. I support Life Sentences for dangerous criminals that we can’t afford to let out on the streets again. Gangsters, murderers, Serial Rapists, Drug Dealers to use as examples. But for the lifers who no longer represent a threat to society and who’ve become Physically Incapacitated and now do their time in Prison Hospitals. We should not release them back on the street but transfer them to Nursing Homes that could be paid for through Medicaid. Especially in these rough Budget Times.

Transferring Physically Incapacitated inmates who are serving Life without parole. To High Security Nursing Homes where they would carry out the remainder of their sentences. Is not “Soft on Crime”, spending time in Nursing Homes is definitely an Institutional Experience that most people probably wouldn’t want. Its just acknowledging the reality of a situation and doing what’s best based on that reality.


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