A way to Win the War on Drugs and Correct our Corrections System

Early release proposed for crack cocaine offenders.

At the risk of sounding repetitive and I’ll admit it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve taken that risk on Prison Reform this week. But again this is an issue as an liberal and as an american I care a lot about. And in an era of Deficit Reduction where we need to cut our deficit and debt. With Prison Reform and reforming the War on Drugs. There are ways that we can accomplish all three of these objectives with one new Reform in Policy. That apparently US Attorney General Eric Holder who I have a lot of respect for and tend to agree with. And this very substantial reputation for being “Tough on Crime”. But apparently he’s come out this week for reducing Drug Offenders from prison. People in prison for Drug Abuse or Drug Obsession. I’m not in favor of reducing Drug Offenders from prison outright without them getting help for their issues that landed them in prison in the First Place. Because then they would just end up back in prison again for similar charges. And once again contributing to our prison overcrowding. But I have some reforms that I would like to see on this issue.

What we should do is stop sending Drug Addicts to prison, people in prison for using or possessing heroin or meth. What we should do with these people, is sentenced them to Drug Rehab instead. Where they would get get help for their addiction and would pay for their stay there. And would be released from rehab once their doctor says they are ready for release. And then transfer current offenders in prison for drug use or drug obsession to Drug Rehab. Where they would help for their addiction and would pay for their rehab. Then we should Legalize with Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana. And treat that drug like alcohol which is just as dangerous if not more then marijuana. And release all inmates that are in prison for marijuana possession or use. That haven’t committed any additional crimes while in prison.

The best way to save money on our Corrections System and reform to make it work in a better way. Is stop arresting and sending to prison people who aren’t a threat to society. And get Drug Addicts the treatment that they need to get off of narcotics all together. This way we could collapse the Narcotics Market, because Drug Dealers would have less customers to sell their dope to. And then we can save our scarce Corrections Resources for the offenders that need to be there. Actual dangerous criminals.


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