What Comprehensive Immigration Reform looks like


The reasons why America needs Comprehensive Immigration Reform is because we need to know who’s in the country. Why they are here and doing what especially since we are in a Global War on Terror. Also so the people who are here legally, they can get through the process faster and the ones that aren’t here legally. We can dispose of them, deport the criminals and pass sanctions on the Illegal Immigrants that are contributing to our society. Get them registered in the country and collect whatever Back Taxes that they owe. And also so their kids who had no say into whether they were coming to America or not. Can have as normal of a life as possible. The question is how do we accomplish this, how do we secure our borders. To prevent Illegal Immigration in the first place. And what do we do with Illegal Immigrants and their family’s that are here and haven’t broken any other laws other then coming into the country illegally in the first place.

Number one we need to secure our borders in the first place, investing the resources. Then we need to establish a Path to Legal Residency as I would call it. Where the Illegal Immigrants who aren’t criminals other then entering America illegally. By making them pay a fine for entering the country illegally, pay any back taxes that they may owe. Get a Probational Residency Card, that says they came to the country illegally that they would be their Official ID. That they would pay for and have to renew as often as someone would have to renew every year. And if they are meeting the conditions of their Probational Residency, staying out trouble not being convicted of felony’s, working paying taxes. Keeping their kids in school, then they would be able to renew their Probational Residency Card. Then we need to crack down on employers who hire Illegal Immigrants who haven’t established their Probational Residency. With steep fines and even jail time.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is just that and we need it because of how screwed up our Immigration System is. And the only way to fix it is with a comprehensive approach.


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