Speaker John Boehner

A Kinder, Gentler Speaker? – The Atlantic.

If you were judge Speaker John Boehner by what legislation he’s brought to the House Floor as far as the policy’s he’s pushed. I as a liberal wouldn’t give him very high ratings. Which shouldn’t surprise the most Obvious Challenged people. People who couldn’t recognize an apple right in front of their face. If you were judge Speaker Boehner as far as the issues he’s pushed, Deficit Reduction for example. I would give him high ratings, I just disagree with how they’ve gone about it. But I do agree with the Speaker and Chairman Paul Ryan on the Debt Limit to extent. That I agree that Budget Cuts should be part of any Debt Ceiling bill. Because if your going to borrow even more money and your already borrowing at 90% of your income. Which is what the US Government is currently doing. Then you should show some willingness and ability to pay your bills. The question is what to cut. If you were to judge Speaker Boehner as far as how he’s managed the House along with Leader Eric Cantor. I would give them high ratings as far as process. Its clear what they want to do and what their trying to accomplish, they’ve been very up front about it. And they’ve also had a very open Amendment Process including Substitute Bills being offered by the Minority Party the democrats. And the Democratic Leadership has done a good job of countering the GOP Leadership in the House. Most of the Rules on the House where the legislation has been partisan, have been open. Which has been a big improvement from the last Democratic House.

As far as running the House, John Boehner I believe has been the best Speaker the GOP has had. A clear improvement over Dennis Hassert and Newt Gingrich. And he’s been a pleasant surprise in that regard. And the House to a certain extent has become a Battle Place of ideas with both parties being able to offer their vision of how to solve issues. That confront the House and so to that extent John Boehner has been very successful. Because in the two previous Democratic controlled House’s. Almost every bill that the Democratic Leadership brought to the House Floor. It was debated under a Closed Rule, meaning no amendments or substitutes could be offered. So even though I hope this is John Boehner’s only term as Speaker, I believe he’s been successful so far.

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