Public School Choice worth the money

Tim Rutten: A school bailout worth the money.

Los Angeles is an example of Big City where Public School Choice or PSC is working. And Los Angeles and California should find a way to continue to fund it. Tim Rutten is Damn Right about that. If we want to have the best skilled workers going forward in our economy. So they can have the best skills that they can get to get the best jobs they can get possible. Then we are going to have to have the best Public Education System possible to make that happen. Private Schools can only take so many students, its really about Public Schools while continuing to have Private Schools as well. For us to have the best Public Schools possible, it gets down to Public School Choice. Meaning that parents can send their kids to the best school for them. And not be forced to send them to a school simply because of where they live. Including being able to send their kids to Charter Schools as well if those schools accept them. Charter Schools being Public Schools but independent of the Public School System. Which would force all Public Schools to do a good job to continue to receive students.

Public School School is about competition forcing our Public Schools to do a good job in order to stay in business. Its really that simple, because in a monopoly the monopoly doesn’t have to do a good job. In order to stay in business because of course they are a monopoly. Which is why Command and Control Socialism doesn’t work. Two great things that we can do for our students in America. So they can get the best education possible. There’s more but I’ll give you two tonight, because this really effects our Low Income students probably more then anyone. And the determining factor in whether they escape poverty as adults or not or stay in that cycle or not. Whether they get a good education or not.

Public School Choice so these students aren’t forced to go to bad schools. And we reform how we fund our Public Schools by diversifying it. Right now our Public Schools are pretty much just funded through State and Local Property Taxes which can be tough for people to pay. Because they are paying taxes on income they don’t receive. The other problem is that Property Taxes in Middle and High Income areas go to fund those Public Schools. And the Property Taxes in Low Income areas go to fund those schools. And in a lot of these Low Income areas, property thats owned is very limited. A lot of these people are renters or living in Public Housing. So what the Federal Government can do is set up a Financial System to help School Districts that don’t have adequate funds to fund their schools, well adequately.

Again as Tim Rutten writer for the LA Times of this article that I read. Said education is the next and I believe current Civil Rights battle. Especially for Low Income students, so for these people to have a solid chance to succeed in life and escape poverty. They are going to have to get a good education and Public School Choice and a better Financing System for our Public Schools, are a couple of ways to accomplish this.


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