The Homeless in America deserve more especially our Veterans

Homeless vets deserve more.

Our Homeless Veterans do deserve more then what they are currently getting. And their current situation is most likely as a result of them not receiving the proper Health Care once they came home from battle. Both physical and mental Health Care that they clearly deserve from Tax Payers. For defending our country in battle. And is just more evidence that we need to invest the resources while paying for them in Veterans Health Care. So they don’t become homeless in the first place. But for those who do become homeless. We should do for them what we should do as a country for our entire Homeless Population. Get them the Health Care that they meed, move them into short term as well as indefinite housing by empowering them to achieve that. And then get them Job Placement, which for Veterans shouldn’t be that difficult if they are healthy. Because they are well trained professionals.

We need a better War on Poverty strategy in America especially for our Homeless Population who our at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to poverty. Especially our Homeless Veterans that have fought and sacrificed for our country. A strategy that empowers them to get their own housing and puts them back to work.


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