What Parole and Supervised Release looks like

California prisons: ‘Non-revocable parole’ is too dangerous.

As a liberal I’m generally in favor of parole, because I believe in Second Chances. We’ve all had Second Chances to one degree or another. Also parole can be a good way to reduce Prison Overcrowding which clearly needs to be reduced. With all of our Overcrowded Prisons in America, with our 2m plus Prison Inmates. But parole and Early Release should be for the people Most Deserving of it, which I believe should go without saying. We should only be paroling people that have made good use of their Prison Sentences. Who’ve got an education and a job in prison and have had good records doing those things. As well as inmates with overall good Prison Records, inmates who’ve by enlarged behaved themselves while in prison. And have avoided long stretches in Solitary Confinement. We should only be paroling inmates that have shown they can do their time in General Population. Who are not a threat to their Fellow Inmates.

The way the Parole Process would work for me, if I had it my way. Is that there would still be a Parole Board. But they would decide who comes up for parole. By looking at Prison Inmates who are eligible for it. And they would select who can come up for parole or not. And then would invite those inmates to apply for parole. And the applications that they accept for parole. Would get Parole Hearings or not to decide if they will be paroled or not. Prison Wardens would also be allowed to put in Special Requests on behalf of inmates to be invited to apply for parole. But generally who gets to apply for parole would be decided by the Parole Board themselves. This I believe would get more Parole Hearings for inmates that are qualified for parole. And would leave out more unqualified inmates for parole. Because inmates who’ve served a certain amount of their sentences, would no longer be automatically eligible for a Parole Hearing.

Once Ex Convicts are out of prison and hopefully they stay Ex Convicts. They wouldn’t be released on their own, if they are paroled or complete the entire sentence. I would have them at Halfway Houses for lets say up to a year. Where they would get help finding a job at their expense and then would be working. And paying for their Room and Board, as well as their Supervised Release. To pay for this supervision. Once they have a good record they would be allowed to get their own private place to stay. And complete their probation, this I would believe would cut down on Ex Convicts reoffending because they would be working and under supervision.

Again I support parole and even Early Release, I even support transferring inmates who are in bad Physical Health. To complete their sentence in a High Security Nursing Home. But only for but for only Highly Qualified inmates who meet certain standards. So we can cut back on reoffending.


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