Los Angeles Times: Opinion- Michael J. Mishak- What Happened to The Grand Ole Party in the Golden State

Los Angeles Times: Opinion- Michael J. Mishak- What Happened to The Grand Ole Party in The Golden State?

As an lets say outside viewer of California from only around 3000 miles away in the Nations Capitol. Which is only as far away as you get from the Golden State and still be in one of the Fifty States. I’m intrigued by California with its unique laid back lifestyle and way of governing itself. Politically it’s clearly a Democratic State if not Liberal Democrat but not a Socialist Democratic State. They don’t seem to be a fan of either fringe from either party, they like liberals like Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Diane Feinstein but they also like conservatives like Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson. This is not Vermont or Mississippi, California likes mainstream democrats and republicans. Which is why both parties have been so competitive there for so long. And why they have so many elections have been so close. But if the GOP keeps going the way they are in California. The Golden State will become and indefinite One Party State, which isn’t good for Liberal Democracy’s.

For republicans to do well in a State like California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois just to use as examples. They need to have their Conservative Economic message with their Fiscal Conservatism. But they have to leave Social Conservatism out the door or send it over to Idaho or Utah where it plays better. California leans liberal and has for a long time, they don’t like being told how to live and being told what’s moral and so-forth. After all California is the home to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The republicans that do well in California are the Ron Reagan’s, Meg Whitman’s Tom McClintocks who’s a Rep. in the House and the Pete Wilson’s. People who tend to be yes conservative economically but moderate to liberal on Social Issues. People who tend not to like Big Government in any form.

Without Meg Whitman’s Nanny Scandal last year, she’s probably Governor of California right now. Without more republicans like her, the California GOP will be left with almost nothing in the CA Legislature with democrats having all the power. And owning the State Offices, right now the CA GOP barely hold enough seats in the Legislature to be a strong Minority Party that can slow democrats down and force compromises. With the way the trends are moving with California moving left with immigration and young people. They could lose even that as well.


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