Department of Housing and Urban Development: How to Reform Housing Policy in America

Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development was created to. Address Affordable Housing in America and to address Homeless in America. And to do things like with Urban Development, that Local Governments normally do. Things like Public Housing you would think would be run by Local Governments, Cities and Counties. Not the Federal Government trying to run Public Housing from HUD in Washington. For example I would prefer to see Cities and Counties running these Public Housing Programs in America. Instead of HUD with the resources to run them. Because they are on the ground and know the issues they have to deal with. Or even better Non Profits in the Community Service Sector running these programs. Because they would have the Independence and be efficient. Instead of having to ask the Executive or Legislative permission. To blow their noses, we could eliminate a lot of Red Tape with this approach.

The way I would reform Public Housing is to turn it over to the States and Locals. To set up their own Public Housing Systems. For Low Earners and people who are unemployed. Who can’t afford a home of their own in the Private Sector. House or apartment, as well as people who are homeless right now. Instead of Tax Payers subsidizing Public Housing, we have the Residents of Public Housing. Pay for their own Housing as well as their employers. And if they are on Public Assistance, they would get an additional Housing Voucher. As they are working to get themselves off of Public Assistance. And the Feds, States and Locals would come in to regulate these Public Housing Services.

Public Housing is to me an example of and intrusive and overburdening Big Government. That tries to plan everything for the nation from the Federal Government. Instead of letting others deal with their own issues. That they are on the ground and see for themselves. And is an example of a Federal Department that should be either eliminated. Or consolidated inside the Human Services Department instead.


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