The Humble Libertarian: Wes Messamore: Jon Huntsman Exits The Race and Endorses Status Quo Mitt Romney?: Big Mistake For Jon Huntsmen

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The Humble Libertarian: Jon Huntsman Exits The Race and Endorses… MITT ROMNEY??? The “Status Quo President?” Huntsman’s words, not mine! (Okay, mine too).

Jon Huntsmen to me represents exactly what we need as a country. From our Political Candidates, someone who represents that the office. Your seeking and what you would do if you were elected to that office. Is more important than getting the office, that saying and doing whatever it takes. Just to get to the office, even if you have no attention of. Doing some of the things that you said and did to get there. Is not right, that leadership is more important than politics. Jon Huntsmen has been labeled a Centrist-Republican and that’s why he has the appeal he has. But he’s not, he clearly has Classical-Conservative or Libertarian Leanings on some issues. And to me no longer fits in today’s Republican Party. But more represents the GOP of the 1970s and 80s. When they were really a political party about limited government and individual liberty. And weren’t dominated by religious and Neoconservatives. Jon Huntsmen appeal has more to do with his independence and his leadership. And that he puts those things ahead of partisan fighting.

Jon Huntsmen is exactly the type of presidential candidate that the GOP needs. To appeal to Independent voters, not Mitt Romney. Because Huntsmen takes positions based on what he believes. Based on all the credible evidence at hand. Where Flip Flopper is the best way to describe Romney. What do I have to say and do to get the job. And then once I get the job, I’ll do what I feel I need to do. To keep the job and that’s not what Independent voters are looking for now. They want real leaders, which is why its a damn shame. That GOV. Huntsmen is apparently ending his presidential campaign tomorrow. And would be a horrible mistake on his part. To end his Campaign and then endorse Mitt Romney. Because it would go against the message of his presidential campaign.

Someone not even born yet has a better chance of winning the GOP Nomination for president in 2012. Than Jon Huntsmen, fine but Jon Huntsmen’s. Presidential Campaign is more important. Then winning that Nomination but to let Independent voters know. That there’s more than just Democrats and Republicans telling you. What you want to hear to get elected and reelected. That their other political candidates who actually say what they believe. And are qualified for the offices they are running for. And we need more political candidates and public officials like Jon Huntsmen.


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