“Downsizing the Federal Government”: Department of Health and Human Services”: Reform to get better Human Services

Libertarian Think Tank Department of Health and Human Services.

How to save from a budget of 900B$, think about that number for a second. All right time is up, thats not the entire Federal Budget, if it was. Even I might think its too small in an economy of 15T$. But that 900B$ Figure is the Department of Human Services alone. US DHSS is basically responsible for the Safety Net of the United States. Thats what they do, they run our Social Insurance Programs. Everything from Social Security, Welfare Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Low Income Heating Assistance. So Low Income people don’t freeze in the winter. My criticism about HHS is not about their missions and what they are suppose to do. But more about how they do it and can it be done better which I believe it can be done better. Similar to my blog about Public Housing last week.

What I would like to do with the entire Public Safety Net. Is take it off the Federal and State Budgets. Saving Federal Tax Payers somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5T$ a year. Very large and nice neighborhood to live in. To turn not end the programs over to the States. Not to run but for them to have their Social Insurance System. Not to run but to regulate and research and the Federal Governments role. Would be to do the same thing. All these programs would be turn over to the States. And then converted into Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Community Services. Each State would have their own Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Welfare Insurance, Public Housing, Food Assistance. Medicare, Medicaid etc Systems. That would have to meet their own Standards as well as Federal Standards.

Again I’m not a Libertarian but a Liberal Democrat and vote Democratic. I’m not looking to blow up our Safety Net and certainly not looking to expand it. But to reform it so its more efficient and more Cost Effective. By eliminating a lot of the Red Tape that comes from being any. Large Government Agency and allowing more independence. So we can see what works and doesn’t work and then go from there.


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