“It’s Time to Think Seriously About Intervening in Syria”: Yes but how

It’s Time to Think Seriously About Intervening in Syria – The Atlantic.

What’s going on in Syria now and the broader Middle East. Especially in Arabia, is truly an Historic Revolution. People who are fed up with the Authoritarian Regimes that run their countries. In Syria’s case, the Arabian version of a Communist State. Like we saw in the Soviet Union and they’ve finally decided. That they are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. And are speaking up the right to protest and speak out against their Governments. And to use Syria as an example, are telling the Assad Regime. That we don’t think you should be running our country anymore. And that the Syrian People should have a say in who governs their country. A country that could potentially become a First World country. Which is where Turkey is headed. If their Government just gets out of the way.

The Syrian People have seen what Democratic Protests can lead to in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. By bringing down those Authoritarian Regimes. And now want their opportunity to do the same thing in Syria. And bring down President Bashir Assad and his Authoritarian Regime. Who’s only the President, because of who his father was. And inherited that job from him. And thats exactly what the Syrian Protesters have been doing all across Syria.  A country about the size of Iraq of 25M people. Not a large country but not a tiny country either. And what have the Syrian Protesters gotten from their Unelected Government in response. They’ve been beaten, arrested and murdered in response. Because this Government is afraid of one thing. Losing power and having to flee the country.

I’m not calling for an American Invasion of Syria. We simply don’t have the resources to do that. And it would probably do more harm then good. The Obama Administration has already passed some Sanctions on Syria. And have gotten some help from the European Union. But what I’m calling for and where NATO and the Arab League can be helpful in. Tunisia has already said they are ready to participate. Is to backup the Syrian Opposition. With the resources they need to defend and take care of themselves. By sending in some supplies, as well as cutting off supplies. To the Assad Regime with come type of Economic Blockade. So they can’t send resources out of the country. Or bring resources in for themselves.

If the Arab League and the West does nothing to assist the Syrian Protesters. These people are going to continue to get murdered. The Assad Regime will probably stop at nothing to protect their Regime. Especially if its just their own people they have to contend with. And they’ve already proven they are willing to murder their own people. Which is why the Syrian People deserve to get some support.


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