GOP Debate: “Aggressive Mitt Romney calls Newt Gingrich an ‘influence peddler'”: The New Mitt Strategy Unveiled Tonight

GOP debate: Aggressive Romney calls Gingrich an ‘influence peddler’.

Mitt Romney apparently woke up Monday and figured out. That his Presidential Campaign was in trouble. That he just took a Butt Kicking in a State that a week ago he had a. Double Digit lead and that even though he’s suppose to be the frontrunner. He’s only won 1-3 Republican Contests so far. And has Newt Gingrich on his Campaign Trail and that he had to put him down. In order to get to Tampa with the Republican Nomination. And tonight if you saw the Republican Debate. You saw the unveiling of his strategy, Newt Gingrich is a Washington Insider. He can’t be trusted, he’s unstable, he changes his positions. Imagine that the Master Flip Flopper, accusing someone else of changing their positions. I mean you can’t accuse Mitt Romney of not having a set of balls.

To Newt’s credit, he showed some very good discipline in not taking. Mitt’s bait and basically said, look what GOV. Romney is saying is flat false. And I’m not going to spend the evening correcting my own record. As far as how GOV. Romney is incorrect about it. But to say that he’s wrong and he’s desperate. He feels is Presidential Campaign slipping away, so he has to go on attack. The Sitting Duck Strategy of I’m the frontrunner and I can’t beat Obama. Is not flying because it doesn’t have wings and that its time to change course. That even though Mitt is still the favorite to get to Tampa. As the Nominee, that he’s not bulletproof and has taken some serious shots. And can’t continue to get hit like that and win the Presidential Nomination.

I thought Mitt was successful in laying out what his new strategy is. And we’ll see how that plays out this week. But that Newt was successful in not taking the bait like a smart fish. If there’s such a thing and that Newt was also successful. In pointing out that Mitt was on attack, because he’s losing his Frontrunner Status. And has to hit back before he loses the game. So tonight’s debate was basically a draw between Mitt and Newt. But a slight edge to Newt, because he made a good case. That Mitt’s on attack because he’s lost the momentum and is getting desperate.


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