FRSFreeStateNow: GOV. Mitch Daniels: The one Candidate that could beat President Obama: But we’ll never know

A Guide to Tonight’s State of the Union Rebuttals – Politics – The Atlantic Wire. In the Opposition Response to the President’s State of the Union Speech tonight. We saw Governor Mitch Daniels give that response. I don’t think it was a very good speech but the Opposition Response rarely is. But we saw someone who has the ability to speak to both Conservative Republicans. And Independent Voters, in a way that gets them to support him. But also in a way that they can respond and relate to that seems real. Like your listening to your neighbor or friend, Mitch Daniels has the ability. To sound like and I hate this term but like a Real Person. Not an elitist who talks down to people and who can’t relate to average people. But someone with solid intelligence and communication ability. And someone when you hear them speak. It makes sense and sounds like they believe their own lips.

Mitch Daniels would represent the only threat to beating President Obama. The rest of the Republican Field because of their past records. Or lacking the ability to communicate to Average Voters. All have enough baggage to fill up an airport. But with GOV. Daniels you have someone that doesn’t have that baggage. Who’s worked both in the Federal Government but also as Governor of Indiana a Swing State. A Popular Governor there and is exactly what’s missing in the Republican Field right now. And is probably not running for President, despite being a Conservative Republican. Because he decided not to make Social Issues a part of his Presidential Campaign back in April. Which pissed off the Christian Right and why he’s not running now.

To tell you how sad the Republican Party and their brand is right now. All you have to know is that when they get an opportunity to beat the President. They pass on it because that one Candidate is not a big enough “Social Conservative”. But they are in actuality in Religious Conservatives, which is different from “Social Conservatives”. But thats a different blog and rather lose a Presidential Election. That at least on paper is very winnable. Because that one Candidate is not perfect for them.


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