FRSFreeStateNow: Sen. Scott Brown: “The Master of Political Theater”: What to look for from a Warren/Brown Senate Race

Brown the master of political theater.

The Massachusetts Senate Race I believe will be the most interesting Senate Race this fall. And perhaps the most interesting Congressional Race as well. And I believe would also make for a good movie, Mini Series even. And for these reasons, its going to look like a Liberal Democrat. In the mold of Jack Kennedy, but in real life is a Republican. But this is Massachusetts, thats the only way Republicans. Can get elected there, just ask Mitt Romney. Perfect for Massachusetts right. Against the Progressive, perhaps in the mold of Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich. Your going to have the Candidate played by Elisabeth Warren. The Incumbent being US Sen. Scott Brown seeking to serve a six year term. Against the Candidate played by Elisabeth Warren, a Champion of the Progressive Movement.

I’ve known about Scott Brown for a little more then two years. Since he won the Special Election to fill Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat. And what I’ve seen I like and respect, he’s what Northeastern Republicans have traditionally been. Keep government out of my wallet and bedroom, government should be limited and Fiscally Responsible. There to protect people from the harm of others, not to protect people from themselves. An ally of both business and labor, similar to Ron Reagan. Strong on defense, strong on both Economic and Social Liberty. No ally and friend of the Religious Right. A Republican who looks like what Liberal Democrats actually are. Which is how Republicans get elected in Massachusetts. And what Conservative Republicans are suppose to be.

The role that Elisabeth Warren will play is a Champion of the Progressive Movement. And will describe herself as a Champion of the Middle Class not an ally for the Wealthy Class. Pro labor, anti business and corporate, a defender of Big Government Progressivism. And the Safety Net and that one of governments role is to take care of people. She’ll try to portray this Senate Race, as the 99% against, the side she wants to be on. Against the 1% being defended by Sen. Scott Brown. And if she’s successful there, she’ll probably win. Which is why Sen. Brown can’t get trapped in the Battle of Class Warfare. And take his campaign to the people, what he’s been doing. In his two years in the Senate. Voting for Wall Street Reform , Middle Class Tax Relief and so fourth.

I’m a JFK Liberal Democrat and if I was eligible to vote in this Senate Race. Even though I am a Democrat, I would probably vote for Sen. Brown. Unless Senate Democrats needed this seat to hold onto the Senate. Which is more important to me. But even though I’m a Democrat, I would vote for Sen. Brown a Republican. Because he better represents my Politics of Individual Liberty and Limited Government. And Elisabeth Warren to me sounds more like a Big Government Progressive. Which is how Sen. Brown is going to try to portray her.


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