FRSFreeStateNow: “Will Cutting the Defense Budget Leave America at Risk?”: Depends on how you Cut

Will Cutting the Defense Budget Leave America at Risk? – The Atlantic.

Again I’ve made this point over and over but its so true and besides I like slapping myself on the back. I guess it comes with having long arms. But for someone to claim that they are a “Fiscal Conservative”. But doesn’t believe the Defense Budget a whopping 700B$ a year. Thats just the money thats on Budget and is official. Shouldn’t be on the table when it comes to Deficit Reduction. Quite frankly has no idea what they hell they are talking about. When it comes to Fiscal Conservatism and Fiscal Responsibility. People who make these claims all the time about the Federal Government is too big. And I tend to agree with them but the Defense Budget that represents around 20% of the total Federal Budget. Is one of those reasons why the Federal Government is so big. And to say there’s no waste in the Defense Budget, would be like trying to convince people. Water is dry, it doesn’t past the Laugh Test.

We spend roughly 100-200B$ a year and I really should look these figures up. But I’m in the right ballpark, defending Developed Nations around the World. That can afford to defend themselves, not just in Europe. But in Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. Bring those troops home and if they need our assistance. Leave troops only there for training purposes at their expense. To train their new troops that would replace our troops and sell them equipment. And use those funds to pay down the National Debt and Deficit. We got a National Debt of now 15T$ and Deficit pushing 2T$. We could save roughly 200B$ a year not defending nations. That can afford to defend themselves. And bring those troops and money home.

I don’t want to cut the Defense Budget to make us weaker. Hopefully no american does but because there areas. In the Defense Budget where we spend too much. And shouldn’t be spending at all and have other National Security issues. That we need to be addressing, like in. Counter Terrorism and Intelligence, Special Operations. Moving faster and being more efficient and effective. With smaller forces. As well as having well a 15T$ National Debt and 2T$ National Deficit. That we have to get under control.


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