“Elizabeth Warren: A One Percenter in Denial”: A Class Warrior in disguise?

Elizabeth Warren: A One Percenter in Denial – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.

I don’t know a whole lot about Elisabeth Warren’s biography. Other then she served on the Commission that looked into the Wall Street Collapse in 2008 that led into the “Great Recession”. And that she’s a College Professor I believe at Harvard. And that she was President Obama’s first choice to be the Director of the Consumer Financial Regulatory Agency. That was part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Law of 2010. And that Progressive Democrats have pushed her real hard, because they see her as their. Class Warrior, their Leader if you will and she’s decided to run for US Senate for Massachusetts. In what should be one of the most interesting not just Senate Races in 2012. But perhaps Congressional Races as well. Because she’s running against Sen. Scott Brown, who even though is a Republican. Resembles both Jack Kennedy and Ron Reagan, not just personally. But in his politics as well and can speak about National Security from actual experience. Being a Miliatary Veteran and not someone who talks a tough game. But does whatever they can to avoid serving themselves.

All right so I know a few things about Elisabeth Warren but don’t mistake me. For her official biographer, her politics does see pretty far to the left. Which is why Progressive Democrats love her so much and why they’ve pushed her so strong. But here’s the thing, Warren is worth according to the Atlantic Magazine a very good publication. In the neighborhood of 14.5M$, lives in a home, I believe in the Boston Area. A pretty wealthy neighborhood, thats worth 5M$. We are not talking about a career Public Servant with no big inheritance like the Kennedy Family. Or who has spent he whole career working as a Political Activist working for Progressive Values. This is a person thats made a lot of money and understands American Capitalism very well. And what you need to be very wealthy and successful.

For Elisabeth Warren to make the claim that she’s the Class Warrior who’s doing to take down the 1%. Is misleading, because she’s part of that crowd herself. What she can do is what Jack Kennedy did but probably not as well. Which is to say I know what it takes to be very successful in life. And I want to empower the people who’ve been left behind in America. With the power to be successful on their own. So they can get the education and Job Training they need. To be successful in life as well. And not be dependent on Public Assistance their whole Adult Lives. If she makes an argument like that, she’ll have a lot more credibility. With Massachusetts Voters.


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