Los Angeles Times: Opinion- Robin Acarian: New Anti- Obama Themes- ‘European Socialism’ and ‘Saul Alinsky’


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Source: Los Angeles Times: Opinion- Robin Abcarian: New anti-Obama themes: ‘European socialism’ and ‘Saul Alinsky’.

Whenever Republicans or Conservatives are in trouble and they are going up against Democrats that they see a threat and that they could lose to and when the Republicans are divided, they bring up labels like Socialist socialism and a new one European Socialism to use as weapons against Democrats. From 1968 to around 2000 or so, Republicans used the term Liberal and Liberal Democrat and that stopped around 2006 or so when the Republican Party was losing popularity.

And also when American voters started looking at the issues more carefully and decided that their positions have become more liberal. Like on civil rights including for homosexuals, reproductive rights, civil liberties, etc. America has become a country that Barry Goldwater described his politics as get Big Government out of my wallet and bedroom. We’ve become more Liberal-Libertarian as a country. And using the term Liberal to put people down, doesn’t have the same sting that it once did. So now Republicans have to come up with something else to put Democrats down.

Republicans have like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, have stopped calling Democrats like Barack Obama and others Liberal, to describe their politics, but moved to the term Socialist or European Socialist. They want American voters to believe that Democrats want to make America like Europe. And create a European welfare state, a what Mitt called a dependency society. Where the whole country is dependent on the welfare state to take care of them, at of course taxpayer expense. Rather than what Bill Clinton called a Opportunity Society, where Americans are self-sufficient for the most part and just need government to protect us from bad actors. But not try to protect us from ourselves. . Thats why we are now hearing terms like Socialist, European Socialist and Saul Alinsky, to describe Barack Obama and other Democrats. Rather than Liberal or Liberal Democrat.

Now instead of using the term Liberal to bash Democrats. Newt Gingrich uses the term Liberal to bash Mitt Romney. Because the Republican Party might be the only party left in American politics that doesn’t have at least some respect for liberalism. And Newt has been bashing Mitt Romney with the term Liberal. Saying he voted for Paul Tsongas in Massachusetts. Liberal is another word for Satan in the Republican Party. Newt has even called Mitt a Massachusetts Liberal. I’m waiting to here Newt compare Mitt with Senator John Kerry. Because one of the roles that Mitt played in the past, was as a Liberal Democrat when he wanted to be a U.S. Senator and then Governor of Massachusetts. Mitt is where he needs to be to get elected to the office that he wants.

The new game plan for the Republican Party, (well, its now three years old) is to when they don’t have enough ideas that voters like to win elections, (take now for example) is to bash people over the head with terms like, Socialist, European Socialist and Saul Alinsky. And we’ll here this for at least the rest of the presidential campaign.

The Sons of Liberty: Saul Alinsky- Rules For Radicals


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2 Responses to Los Angeles Times: Opinion- Robin Acarian: New Anti- Obama Themes- ‘European Socialism’ and ‘Saul Alinsky’

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Democrats should counter Republican demagoguery by calling them what they are: fascists.


  2. I agree with Ben. Dems don’t seem to find the right words to use with the GOP. Liars, propagandists, fascists, oligarchs they all mean something to the liberals on the left. The politicians constantly play to what is perceived to be the middle ground as the ‘independent’ vote is thought to be the area to win. This is why dems rarely come out as strong opposition to the right wing. Has the extremity of the right finally caught up with them? They have been making stuff up as the go since Reagan and only a small minority is wise to the flimflam. Only time will tell…


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