“Exploiting the Rubes: How Ron Paul Once Betrayed Those Who Trusted Him”: The Fallbacks of Relying on a Fringe for Political Support

Exploiting the Rubes: How Ron Paul Once Betrayed Those Who Trusted Him – The Atlantic.

I would never vote for Ron Paul for anything other then maybe City Council, maybe Mayor or State Assembly. Because he’s basically a Rebel with a Cause but has this idea. That your better off dying then having to work with people. That disagree with you, Rep. Paul sorta has this. I’m not going to ever be anything other then a Texas Representative. Who at best serves as a Sub Committee Chairman. I’ll never ever have any real responsibility, which gives me the freedom to say. Whatever I want to, because I don’t have to reach out to others. Because I’m only in this to communicate a message not obtain real power. Hell I can’t even get Elected Statewide in my own State. Let alone win Presidential Primary’s. But its not about that but about communicating a message for Libertarians down the road.

The best way I can describe Ron Paul is that he’s the Kamikaze Fighter of American Politics. He’s not qualified to have a job of real responsibility. Like Chairing or Ranking on a Full Committee in the House or Senate. He couldn’t get elected to the Senate, in case you haven’t noticed. Texas is not a Libertarian State, they are the most efficient in the country. At Executing the Death Penalty and may have the most people in the country in Prison. Because of Drug Related Crimes, Ron Paul couldn’t lead House Republicans. Because who would he be leading, there maybe twenty Libertarians in the House probably. Closer to ten and probably not all of them are Republican. But again we are talking about Ron Paul here, someone who’s speaking. To maybe 10-20% of the country that would vote for him.

Its not just the amount of people that Ron Paul speaks to but who he speaks to. Your talking about a fringe in the country that believe. That 9/11 was a hoax by the Federal Government. That America created 9/11 and is at fault for it, that President of the United States. Wasn’t born in the United States and may not even be an American Citizen. That all narcotics should be legal and unregulated. If he just sticked with marijuana and supported regulating it. He would win a lot more support, as well as speaking to bigots. And he hasn’t put any of these people down and said they are out of line. And that they don’t speak for the Ron Paul Campaign. Ron Paul is someone who’s only running for President to advance the Libertarian Movement in America. For future Libertarian Candidates in the future.

Not only all of that but lets say Ron Paul were to get elected to be an Executive. Governor of Texas or President of the United States. He couldn’t do the job because to be an Executive, you have to be able to work with other people. Who don’t always agree with you, in order to get anything done. And with Ron Paul, compromise is not a word in the English Language. In his thirty years in Congress, he’s shown almost no ability to work with. Others that don’t agree with him on everything. If you can’t work with others in Congress, how can you work with others as President.


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