Ron Paul: “I’ll Preserve Social Security and Medical Benefits for the Elderly”: A Libertarian Moderating?

Ron Paul: I’ll Preserve Social Security and Medical Benefits for the Elderly.

As a Liberal Democrat in the classical sense, not how Liberalism is stereotyped today. I have a lot of respect for Libertarianism, the notions of Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility and Limited Government. Freedom of Choice, Regulation over Prohibition, falls in my line of thinking. And had Libertarians and the Libertarian Party. Just stuck with these core principles and not push ideas that make them look like nuts. Like America wants to rule the World, these whole ideas of New World Order. The CIA is trying to kill African Americans with narcotics and everything else. Legalizing Narcotics without any regulation, an unregulated economy. Dismantling the Safety Net even for the people who actually need it. Which scare Senior Citizens and others, Libertarianism would be a lot farther along today.

What Libertarians should do is push what’s right and popular about their movement. Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, Freedom of Choice etc. All of these anti Big Government ideas and throw their Conspiracy Theories in the trash. If they became Pro Limited Government but not Anti Government all together. Then they look like Liberals or Libertarians but not Anarchists. Which is different from both Liberalism and Libertarianism. Just like as a Democrat, I want our party to simply be about Liberalism. Not Big Government Progressivism, a lot of people who are familiar with Libertarianism. And may have some respect but aren’t Libertarians. Probably aren’t Libertarians, because they seem like Anarchists.

What Ron Paul is doing now and probably to reach out to Senior Citizens. He is 76, you think a few Seniors would be willing to vote for him. But he’s getting crushed there and in a lot of other areas. Ron Paul a Libertarian of course is looking to reach out to other voters. By moderating his position on the Safety Net. By basically saying that for the people who’ve paid into these programs. Will still be able to collect from them but for younger people. Like in my generation and younger, there would be some type of Transition Period. Where these people would be able to finance their own retirements and not need Social Security at all. And the money they’ve paid into Medicare, they would be able to use. To finance Private Health Insurance, which is moderating from, I’m going to blow up the Safety Net.

If Libertarians promote themselves as Pro Limited Government and Anti Big Government. But not Anti Government all together and have Free Market approach. When it comes to the Safety Net, while still being Pro Limited Government. Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Freedom of Choice etc. Then they can be seen as sane intelligent people, that can compete in elections. As well as dumping their Conspiracy Theories. Otherwise they are always going to be seen as Fringe Candidates. That can’t win elections and even be factors.


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