“The X and Y Generations and Ron Paul: Why Ron Paul Appeals to Young Voters

The X and Y Generations and Ron Paul: An Alliance for Our Age by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD.

It depends on how you define these generations as far as when they start and end. Officially the Baby Boom generation is from 1946-64, others including myself. Say that generation started during World War II not after that. Meaning from 1941-42 to 1959, basically people born in the 1940s and 50s. Officially My generation, Generation X, is from 1965-79. But others including myself believe our generation, started in the early 1960s. People born in the 1960s and 70s. Officially Generation Y, is the generation of the 1980s and 90s, people born then. It doesn’t matter I guess but the point is Ron Paul appeals to people. Of my generation and the Y Generation. Basically people who are 50 and under, people who couldn’t vote for President. Until the 1980s. And this is because as America has moved along we’ve become more Liberal such as myself and even Libertarian.

Young Voters don’t like being told how to live their own lives. They want Big Government out of their way and have the liberty to live their own lives. We don’t expect Social Security and Medicare to be around when we retire. We don’t trust and like politicians for the most part. And don’t expect them to do the right thing. We don’t like bigotry, High Taxes and Regulations, we want government to protect us. And defend our liberties, not try to control us and take our liberties. And so does Ron Paul even though he’s old enough to our father and grandfather. But he’s also from the generation, the Depression Generation for lack of a better word. Of the late 1920s and 1930s, that fought for Civil Rights and Individual Liberty for all. And these are his politics, the Politics of Individual Liberty.

This is why the Libertarian and Democratic Party’s have a big future in American Politics. If the LP ever gets its act together and Democrats move away from Big Government Progressivism. And instead let the Liberals run the party, because they represent the American Left. The Liberty Movement that will protect our Civil Liberties. And why Republicans and Progressives and are going to have to adjust their message, if they want to remain relevant. In American Politics.


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