The Atlantic: The Wire-Dashiell Bennett-“The More Americans Benefit from the Safety Net, the More They Hate It”: Time for Safety Net Reform


Safety Net

Source: The Atlantic: Atlantic Wire- Dashiell Bennett- The More Americans Benefit from the Safety Net, the More They Hate It 

I believe its a good thing that anyone who’s on Public Assistance. Doesn’t like being on Public Assistance and are just collecting Public Assistance. As a means of survival, which a lot of times tends to be our number one Motivating Factor. This tells me that these people have made the decision. That they don’t like being on Public Assistance and have decided. That they rather not be on Public Assistance and that its time. To empower these people to get themselves off of Public Assistance. Because if you look at a Safety Net, what is it for. To catch people who fall through the cracks of the system. Yes giving them Temporary Financial Assistance but also empower them. So they can be Self Sufficient, so they can take care of themselves. And that gets to Education and Job Training.

And I’m going to concentrate on Welfare and Unemployment Insurance. But I could cover a hell of a lot of areas but in the interest of time and yours. I’ll concentrate on these two areas, Welfare Insurance because we have some experience here. With the 1996 Welfare to Work Law, that was about Temporary Financial Assistance or TFA. Education, Job Training and the Job Placement, as well as Time Limits. To encourage people on Welfare Insurance as much as possible. To whatever they can to prepare themselves to go to work. And as a result we moved millions of people, off of Welfare Insurance. Into the Private Sector working and paying their own bills. Even the Progressive Think Tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Sees the Welfare to Work Law as successful.

This is what we should be doing with Unemployment Insurance. Make it about Employment Assistance, not Unemployment Assistance. Yes give Unemployed Workers TFA, so they can have some income to help them survive. But go further then that and empower them to go back to work. With Job Training and Job Placement.


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