Los Angeles Times: Opinion-Jonah Goldberg- “Free Healthcare? That’s rich”: No Free Lunch

Source: Los Angeles Times: Opinion-Jonah Goldberg- Free Healthcare? That’s Rich

Just to be as clear and as truthful as possible, there’s no such thing as a Free Lunch. And there’s no such thing as Free Healthcare or Free anything. Thats provided by government and in most if not all cases. The Private Sector as well, if you pay taxes or fees, your paying for everything you receive. From government, even Progressives now are realizing this. Or acknowledging this when they talk about Healthcare. Health Insurance, Public Education, Job Training. All sorts of Public Services that government provides. But how do they provide it, at Tax Payers expense. They take money from us to provide us Public Services. That they feel we need and that government should be providing.

Its not a matter of Free Public Services or not, its a matter of how much they cost. And how they should be run and what’s the best way to get the biggest bang. For our Tax Payer bucks but however its done. Again if you pay taxes or fees, your paying for it. Even people on Medicaid Health Insurance don’t get that for free. They pay for part of their Health Insurance through the taxes they do pay. I’m all for contraceptives being part of women’s Health Insurance. I’m Pro Choice but at the same time, the supporters of that. Should do one thing, that will give them more credibility. Acknowledge that its not free, the costs of it. Might be getting passed around to other people. And the women receiving this, may see their Health Insurance Costs go up as well. But its not free.

We need to get past this debate of whether government provides Free Services or not. Thats like arguing whether water is wet or dry, the answer is obvious. The better debate is at what cost should we be paying for these Public Services. And who best to run them.


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