FRSFreeStateNow: “Return of the Disclose Act”: Time for Full Disclosure in American Politics


America Burning

Return of the DISCLOSE Act.

Like I said before, I don’t have a problem with the amount of money. Thats spent on American Politics, as long as we have Full Disclosure on it. Which is what we don’t have now, which is partially why we are seeing these movements. To pass a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision of 2010. And to get Private Money out of American Politics all together. We could spend 1T$ on American Politics, which might sound like and extreme figure. But the President’s Reelection Campaign is going to raise 1B$ in 2012. By themselves, so thats not really far fetched and I don’t have a problem with that figure. Again as long as we know as a government and a people. How that money is spent, by who, who’s making the contributions. And what they are getting in return for their contributions. Another words Full Disclosure is what’s needed in American Politics.

Full Disclosure on incumbents, how much money they raised. Where they got their money and their Voting Records and if their an Executive. The Record on their current job, what they’ve been doing since. They’ve been on the Public Payroll, as it relates to their current position. Full Disclosure on candidates, again where they raised their money. How much and from who and Full Disclosure on their Record. As it relates to the current office they are running for. Full Disclosure on Third Parties and Super Pacs, people who raise money for or against. Certain incumbents and candidates, how much they raised, by who and who’s working for their group.

We get real Full Disclosure in American Politics thats relevant to the jobs. That are incumbents and candidates do, then we could limit or punish corruption in America. Because we would know where they get their money and how much. And what their contributers expect and get in return. And are politicians would have to think twice on how they vote and govern. Because not they would really be in the Public Spotlight. And we would see who’s honest and who’s corrupt.

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