FRSFreeStateNow: Progressive Activists Attempting to Occupy Corporate America and the Democratic Party: The Mission of Occupy Wall Street


Progressive Activists

What if Occupy Created a Movement so Big it Couldn’t Control it? – National – The Atlantic Wire.

I guess in middle to late 2011, probably at around the time of the Debt Ceiling debate. In Congress and as the negotiations of more Budget Cuts in the Federal Budget. Progressives in the Democratic Party and in Progressive Third Parties. The Democratic Socialist Party, the Green Party, the Progressive Party. And Progressive Independents, decided that they were mad as hell. And not going to take it anymore and allow the Tea Party and Corporate America. Cut their beloved Federal Government so much, that they no longer recognized it anymore. And that they had to fight back and take on rich people and the Tea Party. Take on Wall Street who they blame the “Great Recession” on. And to a certain extent they’ve had some success. We have been moving as a country, from debating how much we should cut government. To a debate about the Role of Government in America. Which is a better debate for Liberal and Progressive Democrats.

Occupy Wall Street is not only fed up with the 1% and Corporate America. But they aren’t happy with the Liberals that are running the Democratic Party. Who don’t tend to be anti corporate or anti Private Enterprise. Or anti wealthy, who aren’t collectivists but more individualists. Who believe in strong defense and Fiscal Responsibility. And see one of governments job to empower people who fall down. Not take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. Welfare to Work being a perfect example of this. And to a certain extent President Obama has done a good job of bringing these Progressives back to him. By speaking to their concerns but without giving them anything. Sorta how President Reagan treated the Christian Right.

Occupy Wall Street is trying to become the Tea Party of the Far Left. People who don’t like how the Democratic Leadership is running the Party. And who of course don’t like the Republican Party either. Perhaps even seeing Republicans as evil or something. But have yet to make the same splash in the Democratic Party. As far as making them go along with what they want to do.


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