FRSFreeStateNow: “Symbolic Legislation to Nowhere: Why State Houses Fail in Governance”: The Week in Big Government


Big Government

Symbolic Legislation to Nowhere: Why Statehouses Fail in Governance – The Atlantic.

This will be my first blog ever as part of a new series I’m starting for. FRSFreeStateNow that will be called The Big Government Report, The Week in Big Government. And sorry Rick Santorum, you didn’t make it this week. But I’m sure you’ll be a regular contributer in the future. I’ll be blogging about Big Government activities from the Far Right. With all their proposals on restricting our Individual Liberty. To Big Government activities from the Far Left. For all their new proposals for raising our taxes and creating new Social Insurance programs. And expanding current Social Insurance and Public Services. Using our money to take care of us essentially, limiting our Economic Liberty. And This Week in Big Government will be a mix bag. Of Big Government getting weaker and stronger.

This Week Big Government got weaker in the States of Maryland. Which became more like the Free State that it calls itself and in Washington. With both States passing Same Sex Marriage but both States will face Legal Challenges. From the Christian Right and other Big Government groups. They’ll probably all lose, its almost impossible to make a case that Same Sex Marriage is Unconstitutional but we’ll see. But Big Government got stronger in the Authoritarian State of Virginia. Where the Religious and Neo Right is still strong. With the Virginia Legislature passing new restrictions on Women’s Healthcare. Forcing them to get certain procedures, before they can get an abortion.

Sorry Progressives you didn’t make The Week in Big Government. But thats probably because you don’t have enough power right now to do so. See you actually need Governorships and Legislatures actually be controlling them. To do so, you just don’t have enough power right now. But maybe you’ll make it next week.

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