FRSFreeStateNow: “Democrats Confident About Regaining House”: The House is in play


House Minority Leader

The Humble Libertarian: Democrats Confident About Regaining House.

Thanks to the Far Right in America House Republicans are in danger of losing. In two years what they spent four years trying to get back. The House of Representatives and that sixty two seat pickup they got in 2010. Could be thrown out the window and they could be back in the same situation they were in in 2007. When House Democrats took control of the House. Or maybe House Republican with have 210 plus seats and have more then they did from 2007-09. But still be in the minority probably figuring out who the next Minority Leader will be. House Democrats only need to pick up twenty five seats . In a Presidential Election with a higher turnout, thats very possible. Especially considering that President Obama at least to this point. Is the favorite to get reelected, except for the economy he has all the advantages.

House Republicans will certainly have a Net Loss in seats. They picked up sixty two on 2010 and beat a lot of Incumbent Democrats. The question is how many will they lose, will it be 20-30, putting their majority in danger. Will it be North of that or will be twenty or less. Leaving John Boehner as Speaker of the House. It will depend on the Presidential Election. If President Obama is reelected in a tight race, House Republicans might hold on. If the President is reelected by 6-10 points. House Democrats will win back the House. If President Obama loses, then House Republicans will keep control.


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