Los Angeles Times: Politics: California Rep. David Dreier will Retire from Congress: The Distinguished Gentlemen from California

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Distinguished Gentlemen

California Republican David Dreier will retire from Congress.

The term Distinguished Gentlemen gets thrown around a lot in. Congress. In both the House and Senate by both Democrats and Republicans. And it generally has no other meaning, than calling. Someone Mr. or Mrs. Sir or Mam. Its used to show respect to someone for the office they hold. Same thing with Distinguished Gentlelady, the people being called these terms. May not be distinguished at all good or bad. The person using the terms may not even know the person. They are calling distinguished at all or at least not very well. Again its just a sign of respect whether they deserve it or not. For the office that they hold, just like when members of Congress. Call each other my friend, they might not mean that at all. Or even know the person very well.

U.S. Representative David Drier from Los Angeles. Chairman of the Rules Committee, perhaps the most powerful Committee in the. House because it has jurisdiction on all Legislation that goes. To the House Floor that the speaker has approved to be allowed. To be considered and frankly a Committee that the Senate needs. As well is truly a Distinguished Gentlemen and someone who has. Friends in both parties and in both chambers of Congress because. Of how he treats people and it shouldn’t be surprising because. Representative Drier was elected to the House as part of the. Reagan Revolution of 1980 that saw House Republicans pick up. Thirty seats and take over the Senate and of course elected. Ronald Reagan President another Distinguished Gentlemen.

Representative Drier doesn’t see partisanship as a bad thing. Exactly that it can even be positive as long as both sides. Represent their case and don’t make it personal and question. Motives and lie about the other side but he sees partisanship as. Giving voters a choice in who to vote for which is why as. Chairman of the Rules Committee, he encourages the minority to. Bring  amendments and substitutes to bills that the majority. Brings up and so they could be offered on the House floor. Not to be approved but so the minority could have a voice in the. Legislative process to show this is what we are against and this. Is what we would do instead and is something that should be. Happening more in Congress.

Bad week for Congress with both Senator Olympia Snowe and Representative David Drier retiring. A Distinguished Gentle Lady and Distinguished Gentlemen retiring. Congress doesn’t have enough of these people and needs more of them.


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