FRSFreeStateNow: “Rush Limbaugh Unites All Decent People”: The Rush Anchor on the GOP


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Rush Limbaugh Unites All Decent People – The Atlantic.

When even Mr. Big Government himself Rick Santorum comes out against Rush Limbaugh’s remarks. About a College Student and her feelings on Birth Control. Lights on and hopefully someone is home, because thats the Smoking Gun. That you meaning Rush might have a problem. Republicans are running away from Rush, like Gay Men from naked females. Or fat people from a fat farm, no one wants to be heard or seen supporting Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh who was around for the 1992 Presidential Campaign and even star by then. And well familiar with it, understands that the 92 Election was about the economy. And twenty years later “its still the economy stupid” Rush.

You make the 2012 Elections about the economy if your Republicans. And articulate a message that gets the economy going and lay off the Culture War. Republicans probably win, three years into a Democratic Administration. We still have high unemployment and weak Economic Growth. Better then they were three years ago, but voters tend not to think like that. And are interested in what’s going on now, not how things are better or worse then from a few years ago. Its one of the problems with American Voters. They are good at looking at now but aren’t very good at comparing. If its about the economy Republicans are strong. They should be able to win on that. If its about a Culture War, Republicans lose because Independent Voters tend to vote Democratic on those issues.

In one year the GOP has managed to take a winnable election. Where they were looking at winning back the White House and having a Republican Congress. To now wondering how can they beat the President and who should be their nominee. Is the Senate even still in play and are they in danger of losing the House. How times have changed.


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