FRSFreeStateNow: “The Legal Case Against Attacking Iran”: Why a War with Iran is a bad idea


Islamic Republic

The legal case against attacking Iran.

I’m not a lawyer don’t pretend to be a lawyer, not even on TV. So I couldn’t give you an expert opinion, based on International or American Law. On why we shouldn’t invade Iran, other then it would be another Preventive War. Just like Iraq, because we would be invading Iran. For something we feel they may do in the future. Get a Nuclear Weapon and attack us or our allies. The same reason for why we invaded Iraq, even though as it turned out. There wasn’t much if any justification for the Iraqi War. Based on the reasons going in, because their Weapons of Mass Destruction were gone by 2001. Two years before the Iraqi War. So we would be attacking another country that hasn’t officially attacked us. In Iraq’s case they never attacked us.

I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty good with politics, government and geography. So thats what I’ll concentrate on, Iran is a large country of 75M people. They are physically the size of Saudi Arabia but with three times as many people. They are more then twice the size of Iraq with three times as many people. Once you invade a country to knock out its government, you become responsible for occupying the country. Until they can govern themselves, the 2003 Invasion of Iraq perfect example of that. Occupying Iran would be like occupying Mexico. But without as many people or land. But in a large country that we aren’t very familiar with. Where we don’t speak the language and we would be a big target for Islamic Terrorists.

Invading Iran is bad for several reasons and why we probably won’t do it. Another would be that once again we would be there all alone. We needed to have 250K Troops to occupy Iraq and we went in there with 100K. With Iran we would probably need 500K and I did I mention we have a 16T$ National Debt. A 2T$ Budget Deficit, where’s the money going to come from, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and others. Countries that would like to buy us, just a bad idea all around.


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