FRSFreeStateNow: “Conservatism’s Two Faces”: Conservative Ideas vs Conservative Attackers

Conservatism’s two faces.

Forget about Religious and Neoconservatism for a second which is different from Classical Conservatism. Religious and Neoconservatism is more authoritarian Big Government. We need restrictions on people in how they live their own lives. In order to protect National Security and National Morality. Classical Conservatism which is what the Republican Party use to be. And they still have a few Classical Conservatives left in the Party but they no longer run the Party. But when the GOP was the Grand Ole Party and a Classical Conservative Party. This was a Party about ideas, how do we make America freer to live their own lives. And that Big Government was the problem and we needed to get it out of the way. Thats when people like Barry Goldwater, Bill Buckley, Gerry Ford and Ron Reagan ran the GOP. Its different now.

Classical Conservatism is about ideas, that Conservative Ideas are so much better then anything else. That if we just communicate our ideas, we’ll beat anyone and win any election. Where voters who believe in Individual Liberty are at stake and will decide the election. This is the GOP in the past, now they are a Party thats so far to the right. Because Religious and Neoconservatives have taken over. That if voters find out what Religious and Neoconservatives. Would actually do if they came to power. That they would lose elections, so what the Far Right in America has calculated. Is that the way to win elections, is to destroy the other side. So they dislike the other side, including Conservative Republicans. That they will vote Far Right candidates into power.

The GOP use to be a Conservative Party that was based on ideas. That they would beat their opponents because their ideas are better. Now I believe the Far Right that now runs the GOP. Has calculated that American Voters especially Independent Voters. Don’t like their ideas as much as Conservatives or Democrats. And the way to win elections is by destroying the other side.


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