FRSFreeStateNow: “Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich Hailed by Colleagues after Primary Loss”: Glad to see Rep. Kucinich go


Big Government Progressive

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich hailed by colleagues after primary loss.

If your a fan of Dennis Kucinich or an admirer of him. Then you may want to close your eyes as you read this blog. If thats possible because I’m about to lay out why I don’t like him. Rep. Dennis Kucinich who’s to the left or as I would put it even the far left. Of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who’s an admitted Democratic Socialist, perhaps the only admitted Democratic Socialist in Congress. Sen. Sanders is clearly a Big Government Progressive who believes that the Federal Government is way undersized. But does believe in things like Deficit Reduction just has a different approach to accomplish it. and doing what it takes within the US Constitution to protect the country. Sen. Sanders is a responsible Progressive Democrat wheres Rep. Kucinich basically represents all the negative stereotypes of the Democratic Party.

I knew that Rep. Kucinich was at least one can short of a six pack. When he tried to have President Clinton impeached, of course with no success. Over the War in Kosovo in 1999, not even Congressional Republicans were calling for that. When you hear terms like Soft on Crime, Soft on Defense, Tax and Spend, Fiscally Irresponsible, Soft on Welfare. Those terms exist and have held down the Democratic Party for over forty years now.

It wasn’t until the 1990s when Bill Clinton became President, that Democrats were able to put down some of these stereotypes. Because he was able to show America what Liberalism actually is and not how its stereotyped. Whereas Rep. Kucinich who’s not even a Liberal but a Progressive or a Democratic Socialist. Represents the negative stereotypes of Liberalism. I don’t even consider Dennis Kucinich a Democrat but someone who uses that label to get reelected. And it finally caught up to him Tuesday Night.


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