FRSFreeStateNow: “First, abolish the Death Penalty”: My Position on the Death Penalty


Justifiable Homicide

First, abolish the death penalty.

Whether you are Pro Death Penalty or not, you have to figure out for yourself. What right if any does government as well as people have to. Take the life of others, once you figure out that, then you can decide where you stand on the Death Penalty. For me personally, I believe the State has the right to take the lives of people. Who would otherwise intentionally kill innocent people. And to protect the innocent lives of others, so I support things like Law Enforcement and the military. Not to shoot or attack people at will but to defend innocent life.

You can believe in those things and still be for or against the Death Penalty. Perhaps be in favor of Life Sentences for Convicted Murderers. If you don’t even believe in at least Life Sentences for Convicted Murderers. Then as far as I’m concern, your not willing to do whatever it takes to defend Innocent Life. And more interested in protecting the lives of people, who’ve intentionally taken Innocent Lives. I believe in the Death Penalty in a limited way. For Convicted Murderers who without any Reasonable Doubt. Intentionally killed Innocent People and would do it again. If give another opportunity, know they’ve murdered people and if anything enjoyed murdering those people.

To put it even simpler once you’ve murdered someone or multiple people. You’ve basically surrendered your Right to Life, which is why the Death Penalty has been upheld. And you’ve now left it up to the State to decide. Whether you get to live the rest of your life in prison. Or your going to receive the Death Penalty. I don’t support the Death Penalty for all cases, just for the murderers that I’ve mentioned. And where the State knows the defendant is guilty. 50-50 or 60-40 case, might as well give the defendant Life without the Possibility of Parole. Just in case there’s any shot this person might be innocent and your buying them the time to prove that.


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